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Cal Poly, Team 7-50, Forte Fall 2012

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Tag de l’équipe : CPSU-FORTE-F12S7G50

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Resetting the Clock

This guide will show how to reset the clock on a Nextplay Fashion iPod...

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Button Enhancing/Replacing Guide

This guide will provide information on how to fix a button that is not usable...

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Nextplay NP109CR Disassembly

Use this guide to disassemble the Nextplay NP109CR.

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Nextplay NP109CR Speakers Replacement

Re-attaching speakers so sound will come out of them again.

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Reconnecting Screen to Logic Board Guide

This guide will show you how to reconnect the display screen on your device...

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Faulty Plug Prongs Repair

If the device doesn't power up because the prongs on your power cord are...

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Fix the Short in the Plug Guide

If the power cord is plugged in correctly and the prongs are not damaged,...