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  1. Insert the Misumi LM8UU bearings to the x axis  motor holder. Use 2 x M3x10 socket Cap Screws and 2 x M3 Nylon Nuts to squeeze the bearing holder. Do not tighten it too much, just to keep the bearing in place. Not more. Warning, bearing tightener nuts are NYLON M3 Nuts, not the regular nuts. Put the POM Nut in its place and align the unthreaded holes. Use 2 x M3x18 Socket Cap Screws and 2 x M3 Nuts to fasten the pom nut.
  2. Insert 2 xLMU8 Bearings. Use 2 x Nylon M3 Nuts and M3x10 Socket Cap Screws to tighten the bearings just to hold the bearings in their place.  Attention! DO NOT TIGHTEN more! Put the Pom Nut and align the unthreaded holes for the screws. Use 2 x M3 Nuts (See the small picture at left-bottom to insert one of the M3 Nuts) and 2 x M3x18 Socket Cap Screws to fasten the Pom Nut in it's place. Insert 2 x  Nylon M3 Nuts from top and bottom to fasten rod spacers.  Use 2 x M3 Washers and M3x10 Socket Cap Screws to tighten later in order to take up the excessive space between rods and the X axis holders.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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