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Use this guide to replace the driver side airbag in your BMW E36. This procedure was done on a US 1997 M3 with the four spoke steering wheel.



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    • This step is not necessary, but it made it easier for me to get at the steering column trim mounting screw. Feel free to skip this if you'd like.

    • Remove the two screws securing the upper edge of the knee bolster.

    • Pull the upper edge down to give access to the underside of the steering wheel.

    • Remove the lower steering column trim mounting screw.

    • Remove the lower steering column trim.

    • Make sure that the battery has been disconnected for at least 30 minutes before continuing further to ensure that the airbag light does not come on.

    • Disconnect the orange SRS connector.

    • Completely loosen the two T30 Torx screws behind the steering wheel while supporting the airbag unit from the front.

    • Make sure to support the airbag to prevent it from falling out.

    • Lift the airbag unit up and away from the steering wheel.

    • Disconnect the orange harness connector from the rear of the airbag unit.

    • The airbag should now be free to be removed.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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