Many places tell you about problems you'll have when installing the European Headlight switch with respect to the US Touareg complaining about the rear fog light not being there. Alternatives to prevent this are to install the rear fog light (about a 2 hour job according to some folks that have completed the installation) or bending pin 7 over on the headlight switch (thus preventing you from ever using it for rear fog light operation). I'm offering a solution between the two.

My goals:

  • Don't destroy the headlight switch - I may want to wire up the rear fog lights some day and I don't want to have to buy another $80 switch.
  • I don't feel like spending two hours installing the rear fog light right now
  • I'll eventually pull the headlight switch out too far and cause the rear fog light burnt out warnings - so lets prevent that

My up the headlight switch wiring harness and safely remove the connection inside the plug, tie the wire out of the way, and accomplish the same thing as bending pin 7 on the switch itself, but instead not rendering it useless for future rear fog installations (and increasing resale value of the switch should you ever sell it when you part ways with your Touareg).

The job requires:

  • Euro headlight switch
  • Wire cutter (used to snip a zip tie, not cut a wire!)
  • A new zip tie (small one)
  • Small flat blade screw driver
  • Some electrical tape
  • 5 minutes
  1. First, remove the existing headlight switch.
    • First, remove the existing headlight switch.

    • Turn the switch to the off position (note that this pic was taken with the new light switch already in place).

  2. Push the center of the switch in.
    • Push the center of the switch in.

    • While keeping it depressed, rotate the switch to the right. It will turn slightly.

    • Now pull the switch out of the dash.

    • Remove the connector from the switch by depressing the release tab and pulling the connector out.

    • Cut the existing zip tie - the original one should be black.

    • Again, this pic was taken after the install was complete, so you're seeing the replacement white zip tie here.

    • Remove the connector from the housing itself. Do this with a small flat blade screw driver.

    • Pry up the locking mechanism and push the connector out of its shell.

    • With the right size screw driver, you can do this in one motion.

    • See the pics showing the housing (already separated from the connector) with the screw driver in place showing the right way to pry the lock open and push out the connector.

    • Now with the connector removed, locate socket 7.

    • Remove the socket by pressing the release tab on the socket (see picture) and pulling the wire out of the connector.

    • Now fold the wire back up against the harness and use the electrical tape to hold it in place.

    • Slide the connector back into the housing and replace the zip tie you cut earlier.

    • Plug the harness into your new euro headlight switch and push it back into the dash.

    • Rotate the switch to the off position to allow the center to pop back out and engage the lock.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Was the purpose of installing the Euro Headlight Switch, to allow you to have automatic lights? I would like to have automatic lights, thats why I ask.

thebigdoan - Réponse

Does this allow you to have the lights off, and not always on.

Izzy Martinez - Réponse

Hi. Which pin is for front fog light? My Touareg wasn’t fitted with front fog light and i need to retrofit them but can’t find the wiring diagram for this light switch. I have European edition of Touareg. Thank you !

Cristi Geo - Réponse

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