In the age of evolving cell phone technology, the cameras each has is a huge factor point when buying the phone. These cameras are becoming so advanced, they are replacing the need for handheld digital cameras. Because of this, owners rely greatly on a functioning camera in their phones. This guide will provide users with information needed access and replace the camera in an Alcatel OneTouch Evolve in the case of a malfunctioning, damaged or dirty camera.

This will be an opening with enough space to insert the flat head of the plastic opening tool.
  • This will be an opening with enough space to insert the flat head of the plastic opening tool.

  • It will be located on the bottom right of the phone

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Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until the panel lifts up.
  • Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until the panel lifts up.

  • With your thumb nail, lift the rest of the panel up around the perimeter of the phone.

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  • This is the battery for the Alcatel One Touch Evolve. Look for this component when the back panel has been removed.

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  • Place finger in the tab on the top right corner of the battery indicated by a black arrow. With slight pressure, push battery down and out of the slot until the battery is removed

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  • There will be eight 4.5mm screws that fit your Phillips head PH00 screwdriver notated by the red circles in the image.

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  • Unscrew each screw, counter-clockwise (left), until each one has been removed.

  • If necessary, use tweezers to fully remove the screws from the device.

  • Remove battery before lifting off the panel.

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  • Access the small pry tool in the tool kit

  • Place flat head in the crease between the phone and panel where the matte finish meets the shiny finish of the front of the phone.

  • Rotate the pry tool 90 degrees until part of the panel lifts up

  • All areas need to be fully risen off before the panel can be removed.

  • Do not use the opening tool to pry open the device near the power button or near the volume button.

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  • See yellow square for the location of the camera on the mother board.

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  • By gently lifting the bottom rectangular piece of the camera component upwards and away from the device, the connection will come free.

  • Remove the rubber casing from the camera, this piece is simply resting over the camera and can easily be removed.

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  • Place your plastic opening tool underneath the bottom of the camera and rotate the tool to lift the camera. This will take a slight amount of force.

  • You will start to see the silver sticky patch between the camera and the mother board - leave this on the mother board.

  • Keep separating the camera from the sticky patch until completely removed.

  • To replace camera, use the yellow lines on the motherboard as your guide.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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