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Greetings Repair Masters,

This guide will give a clear outline to cleaning, teardown, troubleshooting and reassembly of an American Range AF-25 Full Pot Natural Gas Deep Fryer. Included in this guide is a manufacturers PDF of the Owners Manual as well as its original factory paperwork and parts list.

This is a messy job that has all the potential for a slip and fall accident, chemical accident, burns, and potential other injuries.

Safety Is Job #1 Everyday All Day

Required Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves.
  2. Citrus Based Degreaser or Heavy Commercial Degreaser.
  3. Goggles or face safety shield.
  4. Slip Resistant Footware.

This guide may be used to guide you with other makes and models of deep fryers. The functions and parts of many commercial fryers operate or have similarities that make looking this guide over as a resource still valuable even if you don’t have the specific model.

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