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Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement

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  1. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement, Jack Plug: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Cut the wire at a length comfortable for the headphone user (preferable close to the old jack plug).

    • Using a wire stripper, remove about 1-2 cm of insulation from the end of the wire.

  2. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Insert the wire through the plug cover.

  3. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Seperate each wire from each other.

    • Make sure to have 6 different wires: Red, Green, Gold, Red-Green, Gold-Green, Red-Gold

  4. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 4, image 1 de 2 Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 4, image 2 de 2
    • Burn off the insulating wax from the signal carrying wires with a lighter and/or use a knife to rub it off.

    • Use caution if burning off insulating wax with flame so as not to burn yourself.

  5. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 5, image 1 de 2 Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 5, image 2 de 2
    • Solder the wires to poles on the jack as outlined in the steps below. Poles are shown in the first picture segmented by the color boxes. For proper soldering technique please use: iFixit Soldering Guide

    • The first pole (Marked with the red box) is grounded. Solder on the green-gold, red-gold, and red-green wires. The third picture refers to this step.

    • The second pole (Marked with the orange box) is for the right earbud. Solder on the red wire.

    • The third pole (Marked with the yellow box) is for the left earbud. Solder on the green wire.

    • Finally, the fourth pole (Marked with the green box) that is not connected to the rest is for the mic. Solder on the gold wire.

  6. Apple EarPods Jack Plug Replacement: étape 6, image 1 de 1
    • When the solder hardens, screw on the jack cover.

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6 commentaires

Difficult, indeed, but I made it, and it works! Great satisfaction! One modification in the process, I’ve made – instead of burning the isolation inside wires, I separate the wires, and cut out isolation, because it was unable to solder in different way.

Chris - Réponse

Step 5 wrong! The Mic is the red&green cable and the gold cable doesn't exist in my earpods. There is a 6th cord however which is a nylon like support cord.

Andi - Réponse

The gold wire is hidden inside the red-green wire. Unwind the red-green to find it. The gold is the mic, the red-green is the mic ground. If you use the original jack (cut away the moulded on white plastic) you can use a multimeter to find the mic connection which is on the other side of the ground connection. Thanks for the page. Good luck

Jonathan -

I recycled the same factory jack and identified the poles with a multimeter. I followed the same instructions. Their volume is lower than usual. Thanks for the page.

Gustavo Padilla Rivera - Réponse

This article was pretty useful for me. Great thanks to the author and also people who commented here.

Mehdi Misaghi - Réponse

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