Removing the top cover is a mandatory step before to access the keyboard screw and go deeper inside the Eee PC 1215N.

Turn the power off and turn the netbook upside down.
  • Turn the power off and turn the netbook upside down.

  • Slide both battery catches together to release the battery.

  • Slide the battery out.

While there is a fairly long list of tools listed here, I was able to complete the entire guide using only a 3/64" flathead mini screwdriver (the kind you get for $0.99). I replaced the stock 500GB 5400RPM drive with the updated 7200RPM slim drive of the same line with no issues. The BIOS picked it up immediately, and I need only reinstall an OS.

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Missing step: remove the two screws under the battery, otherwise the keyboard won’t come off

Andrea Borgia - Réponse

Locate the memory compartment.
  • Locate the memory compartment.

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  • Using a Spudger, push both right and left metal clip to release one of the RAM module.

  • Slide out the RAM module.

  • Do the same with the second RAM module if necessary.

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  • Remove the screws as necessary.

    • For top cover removing, only remove the 2 bottom screws.

    • For Keyboard removing, remove all 4 screws.

    • The one short screw paterns to uper left screw hole directly on the PCB.

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  • Use a Plastic Opening Tools to release the top cover.

    • Start from the left side.

    • Go around on the bottom

    • Finish with the right side.

  • The top cover is still connected to the PCB with the touchpad ribbon. Handle it carefully.

excellent guide. but be careful - it's very easy to broke narrow plastic clip :(

Marcin Dudek - Réponse

  • Carefully slide the top cover to the bottom in order to see the touchpad connector on the PCB.

  • Use a Spudger to slide the conector attachment black part and release the ribbon from the PCB.

  • Now you can remove the top cover

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Unrelated. My Asus VX-6 recently had the blue USB 3.0 ports stop working. Now the Ethernet connection is intermittent, goes away, come back, over and over again. Are those 3 ports on the right hand side part of the main board or separate boards?

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