These cartridges often will freeze due to a poor connection to the mainboard. Opening it and removing excess dust will improve the connection, reducing the amount of freezing.


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Flip the cartridge over.
  • Flip the cartridge over.

  • Unscrew the single screw on the back.

  • Carefully pry apart the casing. There are six (6) tabs that need to be released, three (3) each side. If you're not careful they will break. (experience has taught me)

  • Set aside any case parts after dissassembly.

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Unscrew the board casing, and remove it.
  • Unscrew the board casing, and remove it.

  • Use a compressed air can to blow off any excess dust off the board.

  • Use an alcohol-dabbed cloth to wipe down the gold-plated contacts of the board.

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  • Place the two contact protectors together.

  • Place the spring on the knob in the cartridge.

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  • Thread the spring into the connected plates.

  • Push the plates into the cartridge against the pressure of the spring.

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  • Place the chip in the case.

  • It should "pop" into place.

  • Screw the other side of the case on.

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Be sure to test the game, and if freezing still occurs, check the contacts once again.

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