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In this guide you will learn how to take a chain off a bike using a chain cutting tool. Be careful to not force the pin out incorrectly. If it is difficult to press the pin out, the tool is most likely not aligned up properly. Greasing the threads of the chain cutting tool will make it easier to press out the pin.



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  1. Bike Chain Removal, Bike Chain Removal: étape 1, image 1 de 2 Bike Chain Removal, Bike Chain Removal: étape 1, image 2 de 2
    • Slide the chain cutting tool onto the desired link.

    • Align the push pin of the tool with the pin on the chain, and tighten the tool until the pin protrudes out the other side without falling all the way out.

  2. Bike Chain Removal: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Stop pushing the pin out when it is just held in by the outer link, so it doesn't fall all the way out. You will still be able to separate the links.

    • Repeat the previous step to take off sections of links.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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