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    • Get some big bucket

    • It would be recommended to wear glows during this repair

    • Get some bringt flashlight (just in case)

    • Make sure that you unplugged the washing machine from the mains or otherwise there's a risk of getting electrocuted!

    • Close the water inlet

    • Make sure that your flashlight is working

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    • If the problem is still appearing, then take your flashlight and take the look on the pump which is located in the same hole, where you drained all the water. Sometimes there will be some hair or unwanted objects which prevent the pump from spinning

    • Make sure that the pump doesn't have any unwanted objects

    • Optional you can check if the water pump is working without any problems. Sometimes it can happen that the system doesn't detect the failure of this pump and it gets burned. The attend of repairing the pump by yourself is not really recommend.

    • Here is a link which shows how to replace the water pump


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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