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Clearing Jammed Printrbot Simple Metal 2014 Hot End

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  1. Clearing Jammed Printrbot Simple Metal 2014 Hot End, Clearing Jammed Printrbot Simple Metal 2014 Hot End: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Big thanks to Ian Lewis of Printrbot's Support team for guiding me through fixing my Simple.

    • Your printer's hot end is comprised of two stages. The beige plastic part is a thermal break between the 200C heater cartridge and the feeding mechanism above.

    • The job of the beige part is to keep the filament cool before it reaches the heated element.

    • The part pictured is made with PEEK plastic.

    • For more term definitions, see

    • Anyway, we're here because this thing is jammed. Read on.

  2. Clearing Jammed Printrbot Simple Metal 2014 Hot End, Pull off the red Teflon "sock".: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • The sock may stick to the brass nozzle. If this happens, use a utility knife to separate the nozzle from the sock.

    • The sock keeps heat even over the hot end. You'll need to put it back on when printing for good results.

    • Heat the hot end to 50 degrees Celsius.

    • Cold plastic fuses the nozzle to the hot end. This is just enough to soften the PLA plastic without being at the full operating temperature.

    • Use your ratchet and wrench as shown.

    • Do not touch the hot end. 50C = 122F.

    • Use a torch to burn off plastic on the nozzle.

    • Continue until all plastic has burned away.

    • Heat the hot end to 230 degrees.

    • Slacken the idler screw.

    • Manually push filament through the hot end. Keep a firm pressure through any resistance.

    • Once the filament comes through the hot end, pull it straight out.

    • Turn off the heater. Allow everything to cool.

    • Power off the Printrbot.

    • Replace the nozzle. Tighten to hand tight then 1/8 turn.

    • Replace the red sock.


Once the hot end is reassembled, heat to normal 200C and attempt to extrude.

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Looks like some pictures are missing. Any plans to get those updated?

Chris Arnesen - Réponse

I used a torch on my nozzle and it completely deformed it. Not every torch will work, be careful. Might be better to use a stove for this.

gustavo9 - Réponse

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