How to close and seal bObi's cover after opening and addressing any internal repair.


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Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.
  • Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.

  • Make sure the wheel is turned closer to bObi's front touch sensors. Use your screwdriver for leverage, and the wheel will pop up and out.

  • Uninstall the larger screw that sits deeper in the wheel compartment.

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Remove bObi's dustbin.
  • Remove bObi's dustbin.

  • Uninstall the 2 screws close to the bin and 2 smaller screws above her main brushes.

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  • Lift the brush holder. To detach completely, unplug it from bObi.

  • Remove the two screws on the dustbin contact point holder inside bObi.

  • There are 4 screws beneath the main brushes. Uninstall these, and open bObi up to expose her main circuit board.

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  • Detach the two circuit plugs connecting bObi's cover to the main board and the cover will be completely removed.

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  • Attach the circuit plugs from bObi's cover back on her main board.

  • The all white plug goes to the centre of the circuit board.

  • The smaller plug connects at the side, closer to bObi's left wheel.

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  • Lay down bObi's cover and line up the sides carefully.

  • Re-install the front wheel's screw.

  • Place the wheel back in its compartment so it points towards bObi's touch sensors. Push down to secure it on bObi.

  • Replace the dustbin contact point fastener on bObi and install its two screws.

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  • Install the four screws that were previously found under the main brushes.

  • Place the small main brush fastener overtop the screw posts on bObi and reinstall the two thin screws which hold it in place.

  • Lay the main brush attachment in the open space.

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  • Replace the corner pieces close to the dustbin and install the 2 screws securing them on bObi.

  • These corner pieces must line up correctly with the brush attachment and hold it in place.

  • Insert the dustbin before using bObi again.

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Follow this guide or reverse the directions of the Opening bObi guide to reassemble your device.

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