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HandsFreeLink est le système audio bluetooth de Honda/Acura pour tenir des conversations téléphoniques. Le système utilise un micro situé dans la console de toit, (qui accueille aussi les "lumières de courtoisie", l'unité de lumière ambiante et un rangement pour les lunettes de soleil) et les haut-parleurs du système audio. Le système a été inclus en tant qu'équipement standard dans les modèles de 2006 à 2008.

Pour réaliser ça, la voiture peut être garée ou être en mouvement. Si vous utilisez le système en conduisant, gardez votre attention sur la conduite avant tout.

Le système audio n'a pas besoin d'être allumé.

  1. Insérez la clé sur le contact et mettez le contact. Localisez la commande HandsFreeLink (HFL) sur le côté gauche du volant.
    • Insérez la clé sur le contact et mettez le contact.

    • Localisez la commande HandsFreeLink (HFL) sur le côté gauche du volant.

    • Maintenez le bouton arrière (raccrocher/annuler) pendant 5 secondes.

    This did not work

    Dana Hart - Réponse

    It didn't do nothing for me

    Brian Sewell - Réponse

    Did absolutely nothing. Can't connect to handsfree link, nor will Bluetooth connect. Just started doing this a week ago.

    Sharron Johnson - Réponse

  2. Le système HandsFreeLink commence un auto-diagnostic en deux langues.
    • Le système HandsFreeLink commence un auto-diagnostic en deux langues.

    • Le diagnostic finit et sort de HandsFreeLink.

    Says hand free link works but phone that was hooked up doesn't connect any more

    joseph molesky - Réponse

    Can't find any help with problem

    joseph molesky - Réponse


Reportez-vous au chapitre HandsFreeLink de votre manuel TSX pour davantage d'information sur l'utilisation du système.

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David Spalding

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Can I listen to music on my Acura TSX 07 on hfl?

Eddy Cruz - Réponse

No, the HFL only identifies itself as a headset for phone calls. I have been able to conduct "calls" via Google Hangouts on an Android phone and iOS device (iPad), though.

David Spalding -

My 2008 Acura TL HFL just stopped working. The icon doesn't appear on my audio screen. When I try to connect HFL says no phones have been found. It is not my phone because I haved tried to connect using my sons and sisters and it still says no phones have been found. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I called Acura they said 175 an hour to diagnose and if it can be fixed they will apply that amount towards the bill. Really? $ 175 I will by a ear bud. Help

donna D - Réponse

Could be the Bluetooth module, wherever that is. Probably not a DIY job. Since a HFL function is a partial solution to combating Distracted Drive Syndrome, the $175 is a worthwhile investment. But there MAY be independent car repair shops that are well versed in Japanese brands (a friend operated one) and could offer a competitive rate. Another test: when you start the pairing process, does your phone see the car’s HFL? If not, then your car’s Bluetooth is probably compromised (i.e. the module isn’t functioning).

Ask them if the HFL is the “Telephone Assy” located in the overhead maplight bezel assembly in the ceiling. ;) Shouldn’t cost $175 to dismantle that and check out a part.

David Spalding -

I have the same issue, on my 07 TL, Worked perfect, till I was pairing a new IPhone a couple months ago

David B.

David Boehler -

Hi, my Honda Civic 2015 touch screen power bottom do not work , display all the time the back camera steering wells bottoms not working , display “ Hondalink" and then back camera is active. NOT shows, menu screen , radio, GPS , nothing just back camera all the time, . Can help me !

Carlos - Réponse

That’s beyond the scope of this article. Sounds like your cars’ nav system is broken and needs repair or replacement.

David Spalding -

I accidentally told my phone to forget the hands free link Bluetooth and now I don’t know how to undo it. Do you have any guidance?

vzimmerman - Réponse

Delete the phone from the HandsFreeLink following the voice prompts (or following the manual), then pair it again normally. I’ve had to do this a few times, works great.

David Spalding -

I have a 2004 Acura TL and recently tried to pair my phone to the HFL. It did not work and my display just reads “PHONE" and will not change to other media.

Shawn Reynolds - Réponse

The previous owner of my Acura TL didn’t tell me what the 4 digit code was, and now it’s locked but I want to reset it and pair my device. How can I do that?

makyla mckenzie - Réponse

See my answer below. You just have to put the same number in the car and the phone when pairing a new phone. If the previous owner’s phone is still paired (it was in my CPO TSX when I took delivery), you can simply delete that phone from HandsFreeLink. Check your manual for specific steps.

David Spalding -

Problem with 2015 Honda Fit HandsFreeLink since iOS 13.3.1. Tells me to unlock my phone when a Siri set to answer when locked. Mapping will only work on blue tooth mode, not thru fm radio. Reset all settings, will give me messages when phone locked right after reset and then reverts to unlock command. Help with how to fix.

playsafe2 - Réponse

Can anybody help bought a honda civic from a garage I tried to load my phone into system it ask for my 4 digit number because it was locked does anyone no how to clear this

peter brown - Réponse

A more complete description would help. If you mean you were trying to pair your phone with the Civic’s HandsFreeLink Bluetooth system, then you probably encountered the common authentication step that many systems use to ensure you have access to both. Try 0000. Ensure your phone is unlocked with Bluetooth turned on. You may get an alert asking you to confirm the Bluetooth pairing, perhaps entering the same code you enter on the vehicle. ;)

David Spalding -

2004 ACURA TL HFL seems to be working until the in use message appears, then no sound. I ran the Diagnostic test, it passed. Cleared the system and repair. Same thing?

Dennis - Réponse

re: 2008 acura tsx w/Navi (tech package)

How do i import speed dial numbers or just a couple of contacts onto the hfl system?

Mellow One - Réponse

2010 accord…trying to pair a phone. When I press the hfl button there is no beep and it does not respond to voice. Not sure if it’s possible but can you reboot the hfl system.

tobbink - Réponse

2007 TL HFL worked just fine, until I tried to pair a new IPhone to the Bluetooth system, When I was going through the prompts,

the system locked up, on it’s own, never put a security code in, It states, the system is locked, what is the four digit passcode?

Brought it to the dealer, a few times, and they were unable to clear the code.

Purchased 3 used HFL modules, on ebay, all inoperable.

Definitely, Need it to work!

David Roselle, IL

David Boehler - Réponse

When I try to set up my Bluetooth on my 07 Acura TL it just says hands-free booting up will it still do the diagnostics test if it's not working or if it says this

Julio Gonzalez - Réponse

I have a 2015 Honda Civic LX- after changing the battery I lost my phone connection. I try to pair it again but the Handsfree Link doesn’t show on my phone Bluetooth selection. Can someone help on how to fix it ?


Bong Gustilo - Réponse

where is bluetooth box at ?

Vincent Santiago - Réponse

Does the radio code affect the Bluetooth HFL? I just got my 2008 mdx (without the navigation system) and I have not yet inputed the radio code. So, will the HFL work without the radio code or they are independent of each other?

Ibikunle Elijah - Réponse

Do you know where the HFL module is located in 2018 TLX? Will this test work on that model? Thank-you.

Vera Dukic - Réponse

I couldn't connect my new Samsung phone to our Honda Fit. But on my wife's one, we could. Why not?[br]

This procedure worked for us:

To avoid Bluetooth interference, it's preferable to bring only one phone in the car.

On your Phone (once into the Connections/Bluetooth menu activated) after setting the Bluetooth On, when you see in the Paired devices list : HandsFreeLink . That one could be an obsolete or corrupted version.

1 Then press the Setting symbol right to it (that symbol is a Gear) [br]

2 Then, bottom right press : Delete symbol.[br]

3 Then Scan . A «new» HandsFreeLink will appear. [br]

4 Clic on it

Meanwhile, activate the HandsFreeLink of the car (press Top button) . It works on Accessories ( like the radio). [br]

1 Press Top button and say: Phone settings. [br]

2 Press top button and say: Pair. [br]

3 Follow the instructions and enter the Paring Code when asked on your Phone. Give your new phone a name. Done.

Georges B

Georges Bouchard - Réponse

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