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We will be removing and replacing the coin battery within the Dell Adamo XPS laptop.

    • Turn off the laptop before doing anything to the laptop.

    • Then turn the laptop around on its back.

    • On the back of the computer there is a latch that you have to slide and hold in order to remove the battery.

    • Then you have to push the computer battery towards the computer and rotate upwards.

    • Finally lift the battery out of the computer.

    • Turn the computer around and remove the eighteen screws on the base cover.

    • The screws that secure the base cover are of different sizes. Note the location and size of the screws as you remove them so that you can replace them correctly

    • You aren't actually taking apart the display but only opening it up to gain access to the palm rest panel and keyboard.

    • Use your fingers to ease the palm rest assembly from the computer.

    • Pull on the plastic tab on top of the cables to avoid damaging the connectors.

    • Exercise extreme care while lifting the palm rest assembly to avoid damaging the function key cable.

    • Lift the palm rest assembly to access the function key cable.

    • To prevent damage to the function key cable, do not disconnect the function key cable from the palm rest.

    • Disconnect the function key cable from the connector on the system board.

    • Lift the connector latch that secures the touch pad cable to the touch pad connector and remove the cable.

    • To prevent damage to the display hinges, ensure that you do not adjust the angle between the display and the computer base after removing the palm rest assembly.

    • Lift the palm rest assembly off the computer base.

    • After having removed the laptop battery and the palm rest panel you will have access to the internals.

    • Locate the coin-cell battery, which is similar to a battery used on watches.

    • Then disconnect the coin-cell battery cable from the connector on the system board.

    • The Coin-Cell battery is glued to the system board.

    • Using the spudger carefully use it to pry out the battery from the board.

    • Be extremely careful when prying it out, to not damage the board.

    • Using the new coin-cell battery with adhesive to adhere it to the system board.

    • Then reconnect the coin-cell battery cable to the connector on the system board.


To reassemble the laptop do the steps for the palm rest panel backwards. Then the removal of the battery backwards to completely close off the laptop.

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