This guide shows you how to replace the LCD panel for a Dell Chromebook 3180.

  • Open the chromebook until its completely flat on the table

  • Remove both the left and right hinge caps

  • Remove a total of 4 screws. One in each corner.

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  • Use a plastic pry tool or blade and start in the top left corner or first left plastic ridge.

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  • Remove a total of 4 screws. One in each corner

  • Lift up the LCD screen from within the LCD assembly frame.

  • On the back of the LCD screen, remove the tape and LCD connector

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  • Attach the LCD connector

  • re-apply the tape to the LCD connector

  • Set the new LCD screen into the LCD assembly frame while matching up the screw ports in each corner

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  • When installing the LCD bezel, look for the plastic hinge outlines on each side and match them up with the metal hinges on the chromebook.

  • Snap the LCD bezel in place until it is flush with the entire LCD assembly

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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