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Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement

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  1. Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement, Unscrewing the Base-Cover Assembly: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • After turning off the system, unscrew the 12 Philips screws (#1) that are on the bottom of the laptop.

    • Don't forget to unscrew the two screws hidden under the system badge!

  2. Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement, Prying Off the Base-Cover Assembly: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Using a spudger or some other prying tool (#1), pry off the base-cover assembly from the rest of the system.

  3. Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement, Remove Battery: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • Remove the screws that secure the battery to the palm-rest assembly.

    • Disconnect the battery cable from the system board.

    • Lift the battery off the palm-rest assembly.

    • After you remove the battery, turn the computer over, open the display, and press the power button for about five seconds to ground the system board.

  4. Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement, Remove Memory: étape 4, image 1 de 1
    • Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the securing-clips on each end of the memory-module connector until the memory module pops up.

    • Remove the memory module from the memory-module connector.

  5. Dell XPS 15 9530 Memory Module Replacement, Add New Memory Module: étape 5, image 1 de 1
    • Align the notch on the New memory module with the tab on the memory-module connector.

    • Slide the memory module firmly into the connector at a 45-degree angle and press the memory module down until it clicks into place.

    • NOTE: If you do not hear the click, remove the memory module and reinstall it.


To reassemble your device, put the battery back in and reaffix the base-cover assembly to the system.

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