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  1. Find the battery and the battery tabs located on the bottom of the Compaq Mini.
    • Find the battery and the battery tabs located on the bottom of the Compaq Mini.

  2. Push the tabs inward and slide the battery out.
    • Push the tabs inward and slide the battery out.

    • Find and remove the two screws on the bottom of your Compaq Mini covering the memory compartment.

      • Note that the screws are attached to the panel.

    • Push out side tabs.

    • Remove the rubber pads located on the corners of your Compaq Mini.

    • There may be junk underneath it. This is residue left from the glue that held on the rubber pad. Just scrape it away to find the screw.

    • Unscrew all the corner screws. There are four total, one under each rubber pad.

    • Unscrew the screw for the bottom case located in the RAM compartment.

    • Remove the three screws in the silver tabs at the back of the keyboard. The red circles show where they are located at the back of the base under the screen.

    • Remove the three screws.

    • Pull up on the tab.

    • Remove the eight screws from the plastic top cover.

    • Pry up the top plastic cover using a spudger.

      • Under the screen there are two tabs that need to be pushed in.

    • Careful lifting up the cover because the track pad is still attached.

    • Remove the cable by pulling it up.

    • Take out the four screws that keep the bottom of the hinges attached to the base.

    • Pry off the top plastic cover of the display assembly.

    • Note: There is adhesive tape holding the cover on.

    • Note: The spudger may go all the way through to the screen-side of the cover. This is ok and will not damage anything.

    • Remove the 4 screws keeping the screen on the plastic assembly.

    • Take the screen off the metal connectors by unscrewing each side. Each side has 2 screws

    • The last picture is of the metal connectors that attach it to the display assembly.

    • The huge wire on the back of the screen is for both the webcam/microphone, as well as the screen.

    • Detach the cable from the screen. It is connected under the foil flap.

    • After removing the cable from the back of the screen, detach the webcam assembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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