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This printer has a scanner cover that pivots to gain access to the printer. The cover has a curved plastic support arm that must be gently pried off the scanner part in order to expose an otherwise inaccessible screw.

There are also three other hidden screws which must be removed prior to disassembly of your printer.


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    • Lift open the scanner cover.

    • Gently pry off the scanner cover support arm. This is the scariest part as the arm is all plastic. There is a small nob projecting into the path of the slider in the middle of the arm. Hold the cover open to minimize contact with the support arm while prying.

    • Carefully remove part of the printer badge on the front right hand side of the printer. Underneath you will expose the first of three hidden screws.


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    • On the front left-hand side of the printer is the monitor / display. This is clipped into the plastic printer cover. Reach underneath to squeeze the clips so you can gently pull up and out the three clips

    • Disconnect the flat cable to the display unit and set aside.

    • Take your screwdriver and remove the two screws uncovered by the removed display.

    • Remove the two screws on the left hand side of the printer cover

    • Remove the two screws on the right hand side of the printer cover.

    • Remove the two screws at the back of the printer holding the scanner main hinges in place.

    • Place a support behind the printer with a soft cover (towel will do) to place the scanner.

    • Unhinge the scanner and carefully place on the towel behind the printer (as the cable is still attached).

    • Remove the printer cover.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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