This guide will show you how to remove the main camera lens assembly from the camera's frame.

  1. Remove the following screws:
    • Remove the following screws:

      • Two silver 3.15mm Phillips #00 screws on the right side of the camera

      • Two silver 2.08mm Phillips #00 screws on the left side of the camera

  2. Remove the two indicated screws on the bottom of the camera:
    • Remove the two indicated screws on the bottom of the camera:

      • The screw circled in red is a longer silver 3.15mm Phillips #00 screw

      • The screw circled in blue is a shorter silver 2.25mm Phillips #00 screw

    • Carefully pull the back of casing away from the front.

    • After removing the back cover, several things must be removed.

    • Silver donut-shaped button will fall off. Place separately. Remove the plug covers on the right side of camera, labeled “PC/AV” and “DC IN 4.5V”.

    • To remove the front cover, gently hold the inside structure of the camera and slowly pull the front cover off.

    • On the front of the camera, in battery case, remove screws indicated:

      • Two black 2.05mm Phillips #00 screws

    • Flip the camera over to the backside and remove screws indicated:

      • The screw circled in red is a longer black 3.00mm Phillips #00 screw

      • The screw circled in red is a shorter black 2.00mm Phillips #00 screw

    • Pull the cover plate off for the two power cord jacks.

    • Cautiously and gently pull up the control board at the upper left corner, next to the viewfinder.

    • Remove the orange tape on top of the SD cardholder.

    • Open the battery cover and lift plastic piece off.

    • Remove tape on left side of camera.

    • Remove the indicated 2.40mm Phillips #00 screw to release top left LCD bracket.

    • Remove top left LCD bracket.

    • This is a small piece, be careful not to lose it.

    • Push down bottom left LCD bracket to release the LCD from grip.

    • Gently lift up LCD screen.

    • Slowly pull LCD screen to the left to remove it from the other grips.

    • BEWARE: The LCD screen is attached to the logic board by two wires at the bottom.

    • Lift up tape slightly on both sides of speaker.

    • Use the pointed end of a spudger to lift up brackets.

    • Lift speaker cover out.

    • Remove speaker cover.

    • Turn camera to front.

    • Carefully peel off orange wire tape. The tape is glued to the surface indicated.

    • Lift speaker from holder.

    • Use a wedge to lift up the wire tape flap.

    • Insert the point of a spudger underneath the wire shown.

    • Carefully lift the wire out of the crevasses.

    • Slowly bend the speaker's wire tape away from the lens assembly. Avoid creasing the tape.

    • Remove indicated screws:

      • Three Black 3.80mm Phillips #00 screws.

    • Remove the indicated black 3.40mm Phillips #00 screw on the bottom of the camera.

    • Remove copper leads.

    • Unscrew the indicated 3.80mm Phillips #00 screw on the back of the camera.

    • Remove screw and bracket.

    • Turn the camera over to the front.

    • In the following step, you will undo the indicated pegs. PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP.

    • Carefully holding the camera, grab the corresponding two points.

    • Carefully twist the lens assembly away from you. You will be turning your hand clockwise.

    • Pull lens assembly out.

    • The lens assembly is attached to the logic board by wire tape.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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