Is there no sound in your amplifier? Nothing lighting up? Well your poor amplifier might be dead. It could be your power switch but don't worry, there's a fix to this!


Make sure to unplug the power cord!
  • Make sure to unplug the power cord!

  • Take off the back panel by unscrewing the four Phillips head screws on the back of the amplifier.

  • Keep the screws in a safe place and mark what part they are for.

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Locate the screws on the top of the amp and unscrew them, setting them off to the side.
  • Locate the screws on the top of the amp and unscrew them, setting them off to the side.

  • Now, find the screws hiding under the overhang of the top section and unscrew them.

  • The board will likely fall when you remove the last few screws, so be sure to have it supported or ready to catch.

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  • Carefully remove the top section being careful not to break any bulbs or protruding parts.

  • Find the wires that connect to the power switch and carefully unplug them, making sure not to pull too hard.

  • There should be four wires to remove, two white and two black. Be sure to keep track of where each was connected, since you will have to reconnect them in the same way. The picture show the white wires on the left and the black wires on the right of the switch.

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  • First, make sure the the backside of the power switch is clear of all wires.

  • Next, take your pliers and unscrew the nut around the switch.

  • Finally, gently push the power switch in towards the circuit board.

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  • Remove the power switch carefully, making sure it doesn't catch any wires.

  • Insert the replacement switch and screw the hexagonal fastener back on from the front.

  • Reattach the loose wires to the connections on the new switch, just as it was with the old one.

  • Follow the previous steps in reverse to reassemble the amplifier.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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Hi, could you please specify the model of the power switch so I can look to buy it online?

Greatly appreciated!

diegoignacio08 - Réponse

The switch you need is a Standard Size Toggle - Two Position rated at 10amps (250VAC). The part number is #STS-15-DPDT. You can get it online here:

Hope that helps!

Laura Kawashiri -

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