If you find yourself needing to replace the motherboard for your HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr, this guide will help you do so.

  1. Turn computer off before starting.
    • Turn computer off before starting.

    • Turn computer over and begin removing noticeable 8mm screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

  2. Some screws may be hidden under a screw cover.
    • Some screws may be hidden under a screw cover.

    • Simply use a metal spudger to pop off the screw cover to unveil the hidden 8mm screw.

    • Screw cover may fly when removing.

    • Once screws are removed you may now remove the optical drive.

    • Remove the hidden 3mm screw in the optical drive port.

    • Remove the rubberized feet located on the left and right shoulder of the computer to uncover hidden 8mm screws.

    • Popping noises are normal

    • Flip computer over and wedge metal spudger along the computer to pop off keyboard panel

    • Unclip wires connected to the motherboard and remove keyboard from the device.

    • 17 screws should be removed up to this point.

    • Remove screws from the motherboard.

    • 11 screws should be removed from the motherboard

    • Unclamp wire strips from motherboard.

    • Detach by lifting the motherboard up and flip the motherboard over.

    • Unclip wifi card for further procedures


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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