This guide will walk through the steps to replacing the frame and hinge on a HP Compaq nx7400 laptop.

  1. Here you can see where the hinge broke.
    • Here you can see where the hinge broke.

    • Remove the screw shown, and set it aside you will need it later for re assembly.

    • This screw is normally hidden under the rubber pad above it.

  2. Remove all the rubber pads around the screen using your finger nails or a knife if you are having trouble.
    • Remove all the rubber pads around the screen using your finger nails or a knife if you are having trouble.

    • once the pads are removed, use the torx screwdriver to remove the screws around the screen

    • Once the screws are all removed pry up the black frame and carefully pull it free

    • Be careful not to snap any thing, you can use a screw driver with some gently pressure if you have having trouble.

    • Locate these 2 screws on the back and remove them.

    • You can use either a flat head or a Torx bit. I found the flat head easier for these screws.

    • Carefully pry up the panel with the power button to locate this screw. It is under the raised portion connecting the screen with the rest of the laptop.

    • This was the hardest screw to remove because the panel is difficult to pull up. I pulled it up just enough to get my screw driver in there.

    • The screw goes through the cable in the picture, make sure to keep it in there when you put the new hinge in.

    • Lift the screen from the top and remove the screws on the side.

    • Now you can pull the old hinge assembly out.

    • Place the new hinge assembly in and replace all screws.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Here it is mentioned that you need a T10 torx screw driver. But that is not right. I bought a T10 and found that is too large. Later I found in the HP repair manual available at, that the screw size is T8 Torx.

Zohan Done - Réponse

I had to replace both the hinges and had a donor laptop. this is how i found out that if you take off the top bezel(where the switches live) near the screen by removing three wide black screws under the battery, you don't have to pry open the two halves to reach the top screw on the hinge. for easier removal of the top bezel i removed the keyboard also by loosening the screws on the underside and unhooking the four clips which can be found between the keys. this manual was still a great help to get me started and familiarize myself with the different components.

Pieter Hansma - Réponse

Hello there,

My HP Compaq 7400's screen casing is broken along with the hinges and I literally have to make it lean on something like a wall.

I'm looking for the whole thing. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

It is Pretty Funny - Réponse

Where can I get a replacement hinge - maybe two?

Task looks simple enough - thanks for a good description!

John P

John Pink - Réponse

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