Use this guide to replace a broken display assembly.

Start with the bottom of the laptop facing up.
  • Start with the bottom of the laptop facing up.

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Locate the battery compartment at the rear of the device.
  • Locate the battery compartment at the rear of the device.

  • There is a slider button located under the left side of the battery compartment. It is indicated by a battery symbol. Move the slider to the left and lift the battery out.

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  • Start with the laptop sitting up and in the open position.

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  • Remove the 6 rubber screw covers and screws, found around the edge of the laptop screen, surrounded in red and blue.

  • Use the plastic opener tools to remove the screw covers. Just apply firm pressure to the edges to pop the screw covers out, they are attached with a light adhesive.

  • There are four 2.5mm X 4mm-L Phillips #0 screws along the top.

  • There are two 2.5mm X 8mm-L Phillips #1 screws along the bottom.

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  • Now we must remove the plastic panel.

  • Slide a plastic opener tool along the outside edges of the front screen panel, separating it from the screen. You may need to apply some firm pressure.

  • Once the panel is separated from the screen, gently pull it off and set it aside.

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  • Locate the inverter at the bottom of the screen.

  • Disconnect the back light plug cable on the right side of the inverter by holding the inverter in place and pulling firmly on the connector.

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  • Now remove the final four screws holding the screen in place.

  • Remove the four 2.5mm X 6mm-L Phillips #0 screws from the lower left and right hand sides of the screen.

  • Be aware that the screen is now loose and can fall backwards.

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  • Remove the screen from the back screen panel.

    • Set the screen facing down gently onto the keyboard.

  • Now that the screen is placed face down onto the keyboard we are going to remove the wire connecting the screen to the device.

  • The wire is held on by an adhesive tape that must be lifted with the spudger tool.

  • Once the tape is lifted, slide your finger under and gently pull up the rest of the tape to free the wire.

  • Gently pull the wire towards the back of the device and the screen will now be free.

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  • Finally we must remove the metal mounting hardware attached to the screen.

  • Remove the six 2mm X 3mm-L Phillips #0 screws.

    • There are three on each side of the display

  • Set aside the metal hardware and your display is now separated from the device!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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