Switching out the old CD drive to replace with a new one is relatively easy once the back cover of the laptop has been removed.


Aucune pièce nécessaire.

  1. Shut down the computer.
    • Shut down the computer.

    • Disconnect all external devices and cables from the computer.

  2. Flip the laptop over.
    • Flip the laptop over.

    • Locate the gray sliding tab next to the black bar where the battery is located.

    • Slide the gray sliding tab to the left until you hear a distinct click.

    • The inside edge of the battery should pop up.

    • Grasp the inside edge of the battery.

    • Lift the inside edge of the battery up to detach the battery from the laptop.

    • With the battery removed, locate the hard drive access panel.

    • Identify the two screws that attach the hard drive access panel.

    • Remove the identified screws with your #00 Philips screwdriver.

    • Lift the left edge of the access panel up and to the right to detach the hard drive access panel from the laptop.

    • This particular laptop does not contain a hard drive-- yours will.

    • Identify the plastic tab located on the left side of the hard drive.

    • Grasp the tab, gently lift up, and slide the tab to the left to remove the hard drive from the laptop.

    • If you wish to replace your hard drive with another, the hard drive has a metal bracket screwed onto the sides of the casing. Unscrew the bracket from the old hard drive and screw it onto the new hard drive before inserting into the laptop.

    • Locate RAM access door on the bottom side of the laptop.

    • Locate the two screws holding down the RAM access cover

    • Unscrew the two screws with a size 00 Philips screwdriver.

    • Note: The screws do not detach from the cover.

    • Lift up on the screw side of the RAM access cover to remove it.

    • Gently pull apart the metal tabs located on both sides of the stick of RAM.

    • The RAM stick should tilt upwards.

    • Gently lift the the RAM up and out of its seat.

    • Repeat the previous two steps for the remaining stick of RAM.

    • Locate the small panel below the panel you just removed.

    • Loosen the one screw in the middle with a #00 Phillips screwdriver. Again, the screw will not fall out of the panel when loosened.

    • Lift the panel up and out of its slot to remove.

    • Identify the two connections at the top of the bluetooth card.

    • Using your fingers, gently pull up on the white clip until it releases.

    • Remove the black clip in the same manner as the white clip

    • Locate the two clips on either side of the Bluetooth card.

    • Using your fingers, press the clips outwards, away from the card until the card pops up.

    • Grab the card gently from the top and pull the card up and out of the slot.

    • Remove and set aside all of the highlighted screws in the first picture with a #00 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Remove and separately set aside all of the highlighted screws in the second picture with a #00 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Caution: There are two more screws to remove, so do not try and remove the back cover yet.

    • Turn the laptop right side up, and open it to reveal the keyboard.

    • The keyboard should lift up and out easily, but be careful because it is attached to the computer by a ribbon cable.

    • Press the two white clips forward and lift the tape out of the clip.

    • Locate the MediaKeys. They are the black strip right above where the keyboard was.

    • Using the spudger, gently pry up the MediaKeys.

    • If you feel any resistance, stop and check you have removed all of the screws from the battery compartment.

    • Remove the two screws next to the left hinge of the monitor with a #00 Phillips screwdriver.

    • Keep these screws separate from the other screws you have removed.

    • Using the spudger, loosen the casing behind the battery and the two sides.

    • The case should lift easily upwards and outwards towards you if you are facing the battery compartment.

    • Make sure the cord that was attached to the Bluetooth cable is not still threaded through the case when trying to remove it.

    • If you feel any resistance, stop. Do not force anything. Go back through the steps and make sure you loosened everything.

    • With the back cover removed, locate the CD drive.

    • With a firm grip on the CD drive's outer casing, slide it away from the laptop.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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