The Optical Drive is the technical term for a CD drive. This is the component that reads the disks and transfer the information into something that we can view on a monitor.


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Make sure the computer is unplugged.
  • Make sure the computer is unplugged.

    • Be sure to touch any metal surface with your hand to discharge any static electricity that might have built up.

  • Make sure all auxiliary cords are disconnected from the desktop. If not, remove them using your hands.

  • Set the desktop down horizontally with the front side facing you.

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Hold the desktop with two hands by grasping both sides of the desktop.
  • Hold the desktop with two hands by grasping both sides of the desktop.

  • Press the buttons on both sides using your index fingers.

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  • Slide the top cover about an inch forward using your thumb to push it towards you.

    • Make sure that the bottom is still secured by both hands.

  • Lay the desktop back on the table and pull the case forward as far as it can go.

  • Lift the cover up and off.

In this step, make clear that the CPU is lifted in the air to aide in the cover separation. Cover removal for a CPU is usually the most time consuming step if not clearly outlined. Employ brevity but clarity.

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  • Using your hand, grip the Optical Drive and lift it up into a 45 degree angle.

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  • Disconnect the power supply cord and the SATA cord using your hands to pull them out.

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  • Using your left index finger, lift the upper green tab found on the left side of the green piece.

  • Using your opposite hand, use your fingers to push the back of the drive forward and slide it out away from the desktop.

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  • Grasp the optical drive with your right or left hand and pull the drive out towards you.

    • It will help if you lay the device flat in order to remove the drive.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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