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    • The video guide will show you how to replace the micro usb port properly. Repeat each step shown in the recording to complete the repair.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

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Can’t see a blasted thing clearly. How do you make the pin connections on the motherboard?

Keith Weisberger - Réponse

Hello! Please be more precise, the pin connections are already on the motherboard, if you haven’t got one you’ve probably tear them down.

Alex Sander -

Can barely see anything. Camera lense is filthy, picture not in focus and dark. How do you make the pin connections? it appears that you do so only after soldering the rear legs to the motherboard, but I can’t see how you manage it

Keith Weisberger - Réponse

It would be nice if you had explained what you were doing during the removal. What was that goo you put on it and how did it work to remove the old part?

andrew - Réponse

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