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You want to do this service every 100-120k miles due to oil and sludge getting trap in the intake manifold, and also preventative maintenance on the PCV valve. Its best to do this service so you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Follow this video tutorial by YouTuber NutzAboutBolts to complete the cleaning yourself.

Torque specs:

  • 21 ft. lbs - Intake manifold bolts and nuts
  • 6 ft. lbs - MAP sensor
  • 7 ft. lbs - EGR pipe bolts
  • 15 ft. lbs - Oil dipstick guide sub assembly bolts
  • 7 ft. lbs - Throttle body bolts


If this is your first time working on a vehicle read our safety tips before proceeding.

Instructions vidéo


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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62 ft/lbs for the map sensor……….you better fix that ASAP before some %##&%&# believes thats right!!

Robert Smith - Réponse

Updated! Thanks!

Blake Klein -

is it 21 foot pound or 21newton meters?

if its 21 newton meter = 15 foot pound

I’m not sure though. The Toyota bolts have two raised dot and I cannot find any reference specs.

however two raised dashes on a flange bolt with washer is a 6T quality bolt and size m8-1.25 has torque spec if 15foot pound or 21 newton meters

s9ac3r - Réponse

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