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If you want to push your Chrome device beyond its typical capabilities, then you're going to want to enable developer mode. This is the same as gaining root access on your android device, and gives you significantly more control over your Chromebook. You can do things like side load Android apps or even install a different operating systems onto your chrome device.

    • Enabling or disabling developer mode will wipe your Chromebook. Your device will be Powerwashed, which means that any accounts and their files will be removed from the device. If you store your data online, then you can log on with the same account afterwards.

    • Officially Google does not offer support for developer mode since it is intended for developers. Enabling developer mode will void most warranty's, so if you encounter a hardware error, disable developer mode before getting warranty support.

    • To enable developer mode, you will need to deactivate OS verification. Only turn this on if you are sure of what you are doing!

    • On some older Chromebooks, Developer Mode could be turned on with a physical switch that could be flipped. However, on newer devices you will need to boot the device into Recovery Mode.

    • To start, make sure your Chromebook is on. Then press the Esc and Refresh keys and then press the power button.

    • Normally the refresh key is where the F3 key would be, and is normally the fourth key from the left on the top most row on a keyboard.

    • Your device should take you to a screen that says something along the lines of "Chrome OS is missing or damaged", signifying that you have arrived at the recovery screen.

    • Once you're at the recovery screen, press the Ctrl and D keys.

    • You'll see a screen that says " To turn OS verification OFF, press ENTER". Press enter to enable developer mode.

    • You will see a screen that indicates that OS verification is OFF. (If left long enough the device should beep at you.)

    • This screen is a security feature, as the developer mode doesn't have the usual security features. The screen is meant to help the normal user by guiding them through the process of disabling developer mode if they didn't mean to enable it.

    • To boot your device press the Ctrl and D keys again. Your device should boot automatically and will prepare your system for developer mode (This can take up to 15 minutes.


Congratulations! You now have full and unrestricted access to your Chromebook. If you wish to access a root shell press Ctrl, Alt, and the T keys to open the Crosh shell. From their type shell. You can use this to run commands with the sudo command to run commands with root access.

If you want to return to the standard mode, simply reboot your device and at the warning screen, simply press the space key as prompted. Your device will revet to the factory-default and will erase the files.

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