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Most leaks in modern automotive tires are caused by a foreign object—usually a nail or screw—puncturing the tire through the tread. This type of leak can be repaired by removing the object and inserting a rubber plug into the hole left behind.



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    • Window cleaner or soapy water sprayed on the tire is a quick method for identifying the location of a leak. Always check the valve stem in addition to the tire itself.

    • For a plug to be safe and work, the repair must be inside the main tread area, and not on the edge of the tread or sidewall.

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    • Once you've identified the leak, prepare the tire and plug before removing the foreign object causing the leak (usually a nail or screw)

    • Prepare your tire plug by feeding it through the eye of the insertion needle before pulling any objects from the tire that maybe causing leaks.

    • Make sure your tire is well inflated. Inflate it to the maximum listed on the tire sidewall.

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    • Remove the foreign object with pliers or a similar tool.

    • Immediately insert the reamer to plug the hole.

    • Without removing it, plunge the reamer into the tire several times to make a uniform hole.

    • Leave the reamer inserted in the tire until the needle with plug is ready to insert.

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    • Insert 90% of the plug into the tire, leaving just short ends exposed.

    • Pull the needle out slowly, leaving the plug in the tire.

  5. How to Plug a Tire: étape 5, image 1 de 3 How to Plug a Tire: étape 5, image 2 de 3 How to Plug a Tire: étape 5, image 3 de 3
    • Trim the plug ends flush with the tire.

    • Recheck for leaks with window cleaner or soapy water.

    • Reset your tire pressure to the correct specification for your vehicle.

    • The correct pressure will be listed on a sticker usually found on the edge or sill of the driver's side door or in the owners manual. Do not use the max pressure listed on the tire sidewall it is the maximum allowed and will be overinflated.


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