Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.
  • Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.

  • Press in with the tool of your choice until it pops out of the side of the phone.

  • Remove the SIM card slot tray and set aside.

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Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.
  • Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.

  • Slide the opener tool gently around the phone until you hear clicks and visibly see the panel separate from the body of the phone.

  • Continue this process on each edge of the phone, until the only thing holding the back panel to the body of the phone is the fingerprint scanner.

A guitar pick is a good substitution for the plastic opening tool.

Sam Sippe - Réponse

Here’s a photo of the location of the 18 tabs that hold the back cover in place

Steve - Réponse

  • Gently detach the back panel from the finger print scanner on the back of the phone.

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  • Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the ten screws that secure the middle frame.

Some models use a Y1 screw head.

Kyle Wright - Réponse

  • Starting from the bottom near the USB-C port, use a plastic opening tool to pry off the middle panel from the phone.

  • Be careful when doing this because the middle panel comes in two pieces and if you start at the top, you may break the connection between the two pieces.

The photo seems to show that the person is opening from the top, which is the opposite of your advice. So, just want to be clear.

Robert Konigsberg - Réponse

yes, open from bottom first... the pic above shows the finished product after reaching top of phone. I found it best to actually start close to the right of the usbC connector. Pushing inbetween the 2 tabs and up will release the shell.. then work clockwise.

Chris Mayberry - Réponse

Chris, your advice to start to the right of the usbC connector was excellent, thank you!

Robert Konigsberg - Réponse

I found that my middle panel was already broken at the narrowest part just to the left of the 2-D scan code on the battery, perhaps from some ham-fisted previous repair. This seems of little consequence, there do not seem to be any electrical connections running through this part.

Wiley Sanders - Réponse

After a long amount of prying, I discoved that, if used gently, a jimmy can really help get the plastic off

Timothy Owens - Réponse

I could not remove the cover with the opening tool but had success with the opening picks (the triangle parts). Just slide them under the cover and gently bend and twist the pick to release the cover from the locks. By the way: it’s perfectly normal for the bottom cover part to come loose from the top cover part. It’s designed that way (they interlock).

Marco Miltenburg - Réponse

Here’s a photo of the location of the 20 tabs that hold the middle assembly in place, and the pry angle needed.

Steve - Réponse

  • Remove the following four press-fit connectors with the flat edge of a plastic spudger:

    • Front-facing camera connector.

    • Rear-facing camera connector.

    • Battery connector.

    • Digitizer connector.

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  • Insert a plastic opening tool underneath any edge of the top half of the motherboard.

  • Gently lift the motherboard off of the phone's body.

  • Make sure that none of the ribbon cables get caught on the motherboard while you are releasing it.

From where we can buy motherboard


  • ESD or Electro-Static Discharge can damage sensitive circuitry so do not touch anything on circuit board, such as connectors and resistors, with your bare hands!

  • This process may not work if you attempted to turn on /charge your device after it was exposed to water.

  • Hardware damage is always a possibility, so this process is only to give your device the best chance of survival.

  • After completing the preliminary teardown task you will need to carefully remove metal covers on front and back of the motherboard with your knife.

  • They simply unclip and clip back in.

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  • Clean entire board with your Alcohol, making sure all water has been cleaned and all corrosion is gone after alcohol dries.

  • Alcohol MUST be 90% or higher

  • Continue cleaning any water within device as well as all connectors.

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  • Do not exeed temp greater than 150F to avoid damage to hardware

  • Take the screen portion only and place it in your oven/toaster oven that can stay at a constant 140-150F for 2hrs. This will evaporate any water behind the screen that you cannot reach with your alcohol.

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  • Re-assemble and power on!

I didn't do the alchohol sections, I just stripped the phone, as above, stood all parts on a radiator overnight, and this morning re-assembled. All currently working except fingerprint reader. :-)

unseenu - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where is the microphone located at? Mine was water damaged and it works fine except for the microphone is very low. Thanks in advance for your help

John Zenobia - Réponse

If you look at the bottom of your Nexus 5x you will see a pin hole that allows the microphone to receive your voice. The microphone component will be right above that small hole. Unfortunately, I believe that the microphone component itself is soldered to the motherboard. You may be able to clean it more with alcohol and try again after it dries. Buying a new microphone and soldering on the new one would require a special soldering iron and almost expert skill. If you could purchase one with a broken screen for a reasonable price you could replace your whole motherboard with ease

Allen Finley -

My nexus 5x was water damaged about 3 months ago.If follow this process ,is it possible to recover it?

Talha Babor - Réponse

Did you tried it? I want to give it a go, if it’s still possible, but its broken about half a year.

Balázs Bulcsú -

My phone is not working it was fine till morning phone automatically switched off tried 1000 times its not working.

Amritpal Singh - Réponse

Does nexus 5x start without battery? My nexus 5x won't start and then I openned it and removed the battery. I thought maybe it starts without battery so I can tell the battery was dead.

Yun Luo - Réponse

My 5x fell briefly into a pool. Put it immediately into rice and left it for a day. Then plugged it in and it took a charge. Then a few hours later, I turned it on. Worked completely fine. About 6 hours after I got it up and running, it suddenly went black. If I plug it in, it gives the charging indicator. If I try to turn it on, it vibes once, the Google screen comes on, and then it goes back to the charge indicator on the screen. What can I do next?

lauren.a.schleicher - Réponse

My nexus 5x doesn’t charge, I think the problem is made by the rain when some days ago I had that kind of accident.

So, from that moment my phone stop to charge, it works properly except the USB connector. So, now it doesn’t charge and it’s not recognised by the PC whenever I connect to that.

Marco Faccin - Réponse

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