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How to fix PlayStation 4 randomly ejecting disk and beeping

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    • The easier fix is to partially separate the rubber foot below the eject button from the PS4 and insert an insulating piece of paper or something, or to completely remove that rubber foot from the PS4. I only recommend moving on if that doesn't work, as was my case.

    • We will be removing the bottom cover of the PS4 and disabling the Eject capacitive touch button using a little piece of electrical tape.

    • This will disable the Eject capacitive touch button and you will only be able to eject disks via the PlayStation operating system or in a pickle, the physical eject screw.

    • The Eject button is attached to the bottom cover.

    • To remove the bottom cover, you will need to remove the three T8 Torx screws securing the bottom cover on the back of the PS4. These three screws are covered by black stickers from the factory. You will need to remove the three black stickers on the bottom of the back of the PS4 to remove the three screws underneath them.

    • Note: using thin metal tools to remove the stickers can gouge the plastic a bit. I used thin metal tools and gouged the plastic a bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Once the three screws are removed, pop the bottom cover off the PS4 by separating the back side of the cover (where the screws were) from the PS4 and then sliding it off the front of the PS4.

    • If you look at the Eject button on the cover you just removed you will see that on the back side of the button is a metal plate.

    • This plate transfers capacitance to a circuit board on the PS4. You will see it ends with a little curled piece.

    • If you look at the PS4, where the curled piece would meet the PS4 (were it attached) there is a little square pad (like 4mmx4mm) on a circuit board.

    • This square pad is what we need to cover with a little piece of electrical tape to insulate the transfer of capacitance from the metal plate and disable the button.

    • Cut a little square of electrical tape and cover the square pad with it.

    • Slide the bottom cover back on.

    • Snap it onto the back.

    • Optionally: secure it with the three screws again.

    • Super optionally: cover the screws with the little black stickers again.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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