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    • push the flexible button up and loosen and retighten the screws around the pcb


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Had to play around with it A LOT to get it so it would work again. The end solution was to loosen the black and closest two silver screws around the gesture button to get it to work make sure when you put it back in place before you tighten the six frame screws that you test the button to make sure it is clicking as if you don't hear an audible click then it is still stuck and you will just end up wit the same problem,

William Sedlacek - Réponse

Exactly, basically you want this button harder to press. Also remember not to tighten the frame screws  (especially the ones near the gesture button) too tight.

Zuyang - Réponse

I took off the gesture button switch completely. On the underside of the soft plastic there is a hard plastic canterlever with a raised nib to activate the switch. I shaved down the hard plastic raised nib ~1mm with a blade. Then I made sure it had no sharp edges and reassembled.

im_not_a_bummer - Réponse

I don’t even use the button and no matter how much I loosened the screws, it would just be pushed no matter what. I ended up removing the little PCB with the switch and I just shoved it at the top of the mouse. Guess I’ll be looking for a new mouse soon, but since I don’t use that button at all (stupid, it’s set to do nothing in the software and it still interferes), I’m not in a hurry.

Arjen Anker - Réponse

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