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    • Please read all the steps, they are really helpful. I didn't make a full video because I found all the basic details you need on a Jerry Rigs Everything video:


    • Heat, pull, pick, when peeling you don't have to scratch the film, you can just peel from an edge, although scratching with a metal tool shouldn't damage your glass if you are careful, but it could hapen

    • Also I didn't remove or cut off any internal plastics, I think it looks better original and keeps the structural integrity

    • I will add though, I didn't like the look of the metal surrounding the cameras on the inside so I decided to keep the color on top of it.

    • It's easy, when you remove the back glass, get a really REALLY sharp blade, like an utility knife, and cut the film around the part that covers the cameras that's glued to the back galss(from the inside) following the edge of the metal before peeling the film, that way you don't have to remove it, helping with the water resistance

    • Do a nice job, remove any film that didn't come off, you shouldn't be able to see any piece of film from the back

    • There's a little sticker on the back of the battery (the side you can see before removing it) with the device's serial number and IMEI, I wouldn't recommend removing it, but you may want to cover it. I put an iFixIt sticker on top of it after I reassembled the device.

    • If you are replacing the battery too (like I did) you can peel the sticker and put it in the new battery so it looks original since you'll be able to see it through the clear glass. Again, make sure to cover your serial number and IMEI

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