If you have problems with your chromebook, use this to get into recovery mode to restore your chromebook or to get into dev mode.



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This is JAShadic bringing you a step-by-step guide on how to enable recovery mode on your Samsung ARM Chromebook.
  • This is JAShadic bringing you a step-by-step guide on how to enable recovery mode on your Samsung ARM Chromebook.

  • Note, if you have a damaged Chrome OS, then enabling this would be very helpful.

  • Step 1: Backup any data on the hard drive since this will be wiped out when you decide to get a fresh Chrome OS.

How do i do a back up of data

Phyllis Mathews - Réponse

Step 2: Once that's completed, you will need the use of 3 fingers: One to hold escape, one to hold the refresh button, and one to poke the power button.
  • Step 2: Once that's completed, you will need the use of 3 fingers: One to hold escape, one to hold the refresh button, and one to poke the power button.

    • If done correctly, your Chromebook will reset and have a screen that will tell you that you're in recovery mode.

      • From here, you can enter dev mode or restore to a new Chrome OS.

My chromebook is NOT going into recovery mode. I have the OS saved on a USB drive made from the recovery utility (made on another machine). But I cannot get this chromebook into recovery mode to use it. Is there some other way to force recovery mode?

Greg - Réponse

Greg can you pls help me with the os by sending me the set up of the recovery through my email, cause my disc is broken and am finding it difficult to get some of the set up. pls if u can help me out, then reach me on thanks

edemmac -

If your chromebook is not allowing you to boot from a USB/SD card after you prepared one using the xhrome restore app in play, it only tells you the xhrome OS is missing or damaged, press tab. There will pop up a DOS looking set of strings. The second one tells you the reason it booted into brick mode. If it says 0x05 TMP firmware read only error, you are out of luck repairing it. If it says 0x02 restore button pressed, reboot and hit tab again, it will probably read 0x05 now. Mine is bad and it wont attempt to validate restore media.

steve - Réponse

Mine also says 0x05 TMP firmware read only error after i bought a brand new usb from office max so what is the next step on getting my laptop fixed?

beachgirlvb2003 -

Mine is not letting me boot either, the 2nd DOS string says 0x41 user requested recovery from dev-mode warning screen?

deb-long - Réponse

What if I did all of it and it says that there's an unexpected error that has occurred

jason - Réponse

Take It and thow it out the window... because mind wondering do anything either

Jeffrey m blum -

If it does not mention the model of the chromebook I have, Acer C710, which other model can I use instead?

Stu Mountjoy - Réponse

After downloading the image its the chrome book is not detecting the drive. Pls,what can I do?

Babatunde A Folaranmi - Réponse

  • Step 4: Once you download the OS, put it on a fresh and wiped out USB or SD card and insert it in the Chromebook, but not the USB 3 ports.

  • Once the Chromebook has read the USB/SD card, this is the point of no return (for your hard drive at least)

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  • Let the Chromebook do its thing.

  • Once it's done, you should go back to the original setup process and you are good to go!

How long does, "Let the Chromebook do its thing" usually take? I inserted the SD card and it's completed the verification part. Now it's in "System recovery is in progress..." which it's been in for over 6 hours,

cantrellcynthia - Réponse

I have the error msg " Chrome OS is missing or damaged" on my HP Chromebook 14 Falco model. I prepared a recovery usb flash drive and followed the instructions to a "T". The recovery procedure seemed to go fine but when my laptop reboots, it displays "System is being repaired, please wait" but after 5-7 minutes it reboots with the same message., over and over again. When I forcer as hard reset, the laptop reboots to the first error screen and when I hit Tab it reports the recovery reason as 0x02 recovery button pressed. Does this indicate that my ssd has gone belly up?

betabilly1 - Réponse

After I install recovery media it says to remove it and it will restart automatically but it doesn't.. it just stays on that screen unless I hold the power button for 10 seconds.. any ideas on what to do.?

Brandon Burkhammer - Réponse


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what can be the problem if there is an error message? freakin ukranian took my laptop away didnt know what he was doing charged me 2000rubles just for the nerves and travelling an hour to him to collect the computer with the same $@$*. i followed all the troubleshoots on the chrome os recovery site. is it idiotic to get a new mother straight away?

dematisch - Réponse

it deosn't work at all

Liam Nye - Réponse

Same here....

jimstha126 -

I've already tried this but this method doesn't work for me, then I tried this :[How to Reset ChromeBook and Remove Password Locked Screen] This guide work for be best.

George matthews - Réponse

I did everything the internet says to do to fix this on my Chromebook and it still says the same thing and hasn't changed. But I noticed that if I click ctrl+alt+ shift+R it will change the tab recovery_reason to 0×05 TPM error in read-only firmware and then if I click ESC+ refresh+power button, the tab recovery reason goes back to 0×02 recovery button pressed. So I'm very confused. The screen when I turn it on is a white background that has a giant yellow exclamation mark with words under it saying Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card. (note: the blue USB port will NOT work for recovery) I brought it to the store I bought it from but they literally didn't care or help me in anyway and they sent me away

Tiffanie Smith - Réponse

same problem. Did you find a way to fix this?

Kelli Frederick -

I have a Hisense chrome os missing or damage so how can fix it............

Alphonso James - Réponse

Hello please I help on my chrome os can someone help to send me the apps on my mail

Adetula Kayode - Réponse

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