This step is one of the longest steps to complete yet it is essential in order to replace the body cover. If the Ion Air Pro is unable to be mounted on because the body cover is damaged, the body cover will have to be replaced. Follow these steps carefully on how to remove the body cover.


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  1. Unscrew all six screws.
    • Unscrew all six screws.

    • Make sure you put the screws in a good spot where you won't lose them because they are small.

  2. After you're done with unscrewing, take off the blue lid shown here.
    • After you're done with unscrewing, take off the blue lid shown here.

    • Next, on the other side of the device, you would lift this black piece of cover that is underneath the cap, on the bottom side of the Ion Air Pro.

    • After removing the black lid off, you have to unscrew all eight screws here.

    • Again make sure you keep track of your screws and don't lose them.

    • After unscrewing all eight screws, there are two more screws, one on each side, inside this socket that you will have to remove as well.

    • Next, you would want to unscrew the two screws located here.

    • You could then detach the bottom black piece off from the bottom side but do not disconnect it from the wires.

    • Everything inside is still connected with all the wires in there so be careful not to pull too hard or else everything inside could fall out or get broken.

    • Finally, you can remove the body cover off and replace it with a new one if you have to.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hey Chris where can I buy a replacement body cover?

The thread of the screw socket on my ion air pro WiFi has worn out and it can no longer be screwed onto any mounts.

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