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Ok... I took photos AFTER I figured out how to disassemble. First, remove all the screws from the bottom of the Unit. Next, There are (6) screws on the BACK of the unit. These are covered by Screw Caps. Remove the Screw Caps then the screws. Next open up the front loader and remove the screws that hold the top cover. Then remove the Handle. After you remove the top and handle, you should be able to CAREFULLY pop off the front panel! From here the Sides and Top pop right off!! I'll try and get some photos as I reassemble. Thanks.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My K155 doesn't let me Brew ,on the LCD screen it just say to lift the water reservoir and fill up, which I have done, I try the paper clip method , but since I can't brew the K155 does'nt allow me to try the declogging method. Please help

Tereza - Réponse

I managed to remove the top cover for the cup holder and i see the front is fixed to the top and left with clips but i am unsure which side i need to pop first nor if im missing something. pictures of the dissassembly process woild be great.

edgarzaf - Réponse

I don’t see any photos or instructions.

Jim Yanacek - Réponse

we need pictures of disassembly and reassemble this keurig commercial k195 we need this to work is it strange but all these extremely large companies. i am !#^&@@ never helps you

jkp61648 - Réponse

I sure wish you had a cheaper Keurig. I'm on social security and my sister lives by herself and really would love to have one. The cheapest one on market. Please, please, please. And can you please keep me notified

Kay Thatcher - Réponse

4/14/21, I had a Keurig K155 fail where it would ask for the water reservoir to be lifted and filled, when it was already full. When it did get past that point, pressing the “brew” button would trigger a unit reset. This was preceded by a growing problem with the LCD display having a vertically scrolling dark band while the brew process was underway. The problem was the two filter capacitors on the PCB beneath the left-hand side cover: 1000uf 25V and 1000uf 35V 85C no-name Chinese “Teapo” caps. I installed two 1000uf 35V 105C rated name brand (Panasonic) capacitors, and everything was perfectly fine.

M O'Connell - Réponse

Mine is behaving the same way. Do you have the link you ordered the capacitors from?

Jonathan Newman -


Keurig K155 - I shutdown over the weekend our office Keurig and cannot turn it on today . The button at the back when I press it will not stay down and making a sound so we have to unplug it. Please help. Thanks

M Viray

marita viray - Réponse

there isn’t any content other than introduction?

Justin - Réponse

I’ve taken off all the screws but the top loader cover, sides and back panels are stuck? Anyone pictures or a video on how to open this thing?

Bay Blade - Réponse

My keurig K155 screen is stuck on the options menu and won’t let me touch anything. It looks like it’s not calibrated or something. Any ideas?

Julie Mason - Réponse

This is literally the dumbest ‘guide’ ever. It is only a post to brag that someone was able to tear down this piece of garbage and not post any substantive or detail of exactly how to remove each part. 3 years later and still no pictures. The fact this unit doesn’t have a service manual online or available to end users expresses how its more consumer garbage for the masses.

Teri Henderson - Réponse

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