This is an easier part to replace than many others on the Kurio 7. Most require soldering, but this one does not. However, you must exercise extreme care when taking the device apart so that none of the soldered connections are broken. In the event that they are broken, look to our other guides for repair tips.

Begin by removing the rubber cover from the Kurio 7.
  • Begin by removing the rubber cover from the Kurio 7.

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Remove the  four 30 mm Phillips #00 screws from the outer case.
  • Remove the four 30 mm Phillips #00 screws from the outer case.

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  • Insert the plastic opening tool in the gap between the front cover and the back cover of the device.

  • Slide the plastic opening tool around the edge of the device. Gently pry apart the tabs that hold the front cover and the back cover together.

  • Be careful not to break off the tabs that hold the front cover and the back cover together.

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  • Once all of the tabs are removed, the back cover should come off easily.

  • Gently remove the back cover. There are wires inside that may get caught on the cover while removing it. These wires are soldered to their components and are difficult to reattach.

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  • Use a plastic credit card, or other thin object, to separate the battery from the screen.

  • Be sure to work the card carefully and slowly around in order to not damage, break, or deform the battery.

  • Carefully set the battery aside.

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  • Use a Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the eight 40mm screws holding the motherboard in place.

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  • Place the plastic opening tool on the base of the black ribbon clip and pull up, like a lever, to release the mount. This should release the clip holding the ribbon to the mount.

  • Pull the ribbon out of the mount.

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  • There should be masking tape on the yellow ribbon. Pull the tape off of the motherboard and wrap it around the yellow ribbon.

  • Do not pull the tape completely off the motherboard, as it is used to protect components on the ribbon.

  • To remove the ribbon from the mount, follow the same steps in Step 3.

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  • Pull back the ribbons and put the battery near the bottom of the Kurio.

  • The motherboard is now removed so that other components can be worked on.

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  • Flip motherboard down near base of device.

  • Be careful not to pull out any wires when moving the motherboard.

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  • This is tricky, and an extra pair of hands may help. Use the opening tool to pry the screen out from underneath the tabs holding it in place.

  • Once you have created some space between the screen and the cover, slide the opening tool under the screen.

  • Slide the opening tool around the outside of the screen, releasing the tabs as you go along.

  • Be careful not to pull too hard on the motherboard while doing this, as there are still many wires attached to the body of the device.

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  • Pull the screen out from the casing.

  • You have successfully removed the screen!

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Replace with new screen. Reassemble by completing the steps in reverse order.

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Hey Eric.

Nice guide with Pro-tricks.

Maybe you can tell me, where to buy new LCD-screen for Kurio 7S C13000

I've been Googled all places, but haven't found anything.

Hope to hear from you.

Please send a mail at

Thanks a lot.

Mr. Skott, Denmark

Ulrich Juul - Réponse

Hi can you fix the kurio watch? My son got one for Christmas and broke it already. He has cracked the screen top half won't work but the bottom still works you can see everything still on the screen.

If anyone has any help could you email me please

Nick chambers - Réponse

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