We disassembled the LG Gram 15" to see how the Surface/MacBook competitor stacks up.

  1. Reference shot with packaging.
    • Reference shot with packaging.

  2. Reference shots.
    • Reference shots.

    • We first use tweezers to remove the three plastic screw covers and five rubber bumpers.

    • We find eight Phillips screws holding the case together.

    • After removing the screws, we use picks to remove the lower case which is held in with clips.

    • Lower case is removed to view the internals.

    • Battery comes out easily—just 6 screws and a connector on the motherboard.

    • SSD is standard and user-upgradable.

    • RAM is also standard and user-upgradable.

    • At this time, it's cool to note that you can remove the display assembly, speakers, daughterboard, backup battery, motherboard, trackpad, and the fan.

      • Perhaps slightly more useful knowledge: The only component we cannot remove is the keyboard.

    • We chose the fan + heatpipe combo. 7 screws and 1 plug

    • Followed closely by the motherboard. No surprises. In total < 10 screws, exactly 6 connectors, and the wireless card.

      • There were some alignment pins that required a tiny bit of finagling, but if you know they're there this will take you less than a minute.

    • Trackpad's next. It's held in with 4 screws and pops out the top of the lower case.

    • I/O board, wireless card, speakers, and CMOS battery.

    • The speakers were held in with adhesive to supplement a pair of screws, but it peeled off the case cleanly and we could reuse it when reassembling the unit.

    • Keyboard is hidden beneath thin-film insulator taped in place. If you're performing a keyboard replacement, you'll need to buy replacement adhesive for this film.

    • It's is held in place with 48 screws, which sounds bad, but is par for the course for a repairable laptop. Here, the lack of glue in a laptop this compact is practically a miracle.

    • Four screws later, the display assembly is free from the lower case.

    • The LG Gram 15" earns a 9 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • Most components are immediately accessible after removing the lower case cover.

      • RAM and SSD are user-replaceable and parts for upgrades are readily accessible.

      • Battery is also user-replaceable.

      • Only Phillips screws are used throughout the device.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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Half the ram is solderded to the main board. You cannot upgrade to faster ram because of this. If i had know this in advance i would not have bought this laptop. So 9/10 is a bit high.

Freek Compagne - Réponse

It appears that the screen is still in the case in the pictures here. Hopefully that can safely be taken apart too as I just ordered a replacement screen. Seeing that this example left the screen in the case, I would agree that 9/10 repairability might be high…

Curtis O'Reilly - Réponse

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