This guide will show you how to replace the speakers.

Start by flipping the device over so that you see the screws.
  • Start by flipping the device over so that you see the screws.

  • Remove 7 Torx T5 short screws.

  • Remove 3 Torx T5 long screws.

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  • starting from the USB port use your opening tool to gently pry up the case.

    • Make sure you are prying on the cover itself, not the metal shield around the USB port.

  • Pry along the laptop in the orders the arrows show.

    • Do NOT pry along the top side, or you risk damaging the casing. Stay with the arrows.

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  • Lift the case from the bottom side. NOT the side with the hinges.

    • When you feel resistance, do NOT keep lifting or you will damage the housing.

  • Once you feel resistance, gently pull the case towards you. (away from the hinges.)

  • Remove the case.

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  • This is the battery. For guides that are for other parts, the battery is removed for the reason of it being a pain to connect or disconnect while screwed in.

    • Be careful not to short anything on the motherboard, as the battery cannot be disconnected before removal.

  • Remove 4 J1 Philips screws.

  • Remove 1 J1 philips screw

    • Do not mix these screws up, as if you put the longer screw where the shorter screw belongs, you will damage the shield around the keyboard.

  • slightly lift the battery using your plastic opening tool.

    • Do not lift the battery out all the way, as it is still connected to the motherboard.

    • Do NOT puncture or deform the battery or it may catch fire or even explode.

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  • Pull the battery towards you until the wire is accessible.

  • gently tug and wiggle on the wire until it pops out.

  • Remove the battery.

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  • Disconnect the speakers.

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  • Remove the left speaker.

  • Remove the Adhesive.

    • Use this pull tab to remove it.

  • Remove the right speaker,

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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