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MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal

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  1. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Read the guide!: étape 1, image 1 de 1
    • Before you start, READ THE WHOLE GUIDE FIRST. This is fiddly and you especially need to see the bottom of the key before you start (steps 8 and 9). If you aren't careful you will damage your spacebar, and spares are currently difficult or impossible to obtain due to the laptop's newness.

  2. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Preparation: étape 2, image 1 de 1
    • Turn off your MacBook Pro and clean around the space bar using a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol. This will help to prevent excess dirt from falling under the space bar, which will your problems.

  3. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Background information: étape 3, image 1 de 1
    • The spacebar on the 2016 MacBook Pro has 3 layers: the top black layer (the keycap), an intermediate white plastic layer (the scissor clip) and the bottom layer (the base of the keyboard). We are going to work our way between the keycap and the scissor clip, as this way the keycap can be removed, cleaned and replaced without damage.

  4. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Removing the key: étape 4, image 1 de 1
    • Slide a thin guitar pick or card (not a credit card, most are too thick) vertically down the right edge of the key.

  5. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Removing the key: étape 5, image 1 de 1
    • Push the pick right and down from its top. This should pull the edge of the keycap up. Make sure not to push the pick to the left (inwards, under the key) yet. If you push the pick left too early, it will end up under the scissor clip.

  6. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Removing the key: étape 6, image 1 de 1
    • Once the pick is horizontal, push it in towards the centre of the key. You should feel some resistance. Twist the pick and the first clip should pop free. This does not require much force.

    • Working from the top of the key now, repeat the process for the other 3 clips along the key. When you have done this, the key will be hinged at the bottom and free at the top. You should be able to rotate the key so it is almost vertical, and lift it out with no resistance.

  7. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Clean under the key: étape 8, image 1 de 1
    Outil utilisé dans cette étape :
    • Using a cotton bud and some isopropyl alcohol, clean under the key. Remove any crumbs with a pair of fine tweezers.

    • Yes, I know my laptop is on. Do as I say, not as I do!

  8. MacBook Pro 2016 Space Bar Removal, Replace the key: étape 9, image 1 de 1
    • Note the different types of clip on the key. The ones on the right in the photo should go into the trackpad side of the keyboard, where they sit in small holes. Put the bottom side of the key in, ensuring it sits in the holes.

    • You can see from the shape of the clips on the right why you have to take the key off from the top side. If you try from the bottom, you'll break the clip like I did on the bottom right in the photo.

    • Don't worry too much about broken clips. My space bar still works well despite 3/8 of the clips having been broken in the making of this guide. Hopefully you'll be more successful with the proper knowledge beforehand.

    • Finally, press along the top side of the key to reconnect the four clips. The key is now replaced.

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This does not belong on teardowns, it belongs in repairs.

lolman9999 lols & more - Réponse

I agree too.

Jose Silva -

Will this work for other keys on the keyboard? My “A” key has something stuck underneath it.

Ken Powers - Réponse

I’d use one of the many video guides on YouTube for that. The normal keys are easier than the space bar, but it’s basically the same; there are two clips at the top of the key that you can undo with a pick and two hooks at the bottom that allow you to remove the key once the clips are out.

Richard Coleman -

I have a special problem with the keys. Some keys are significantly brighter than others in my 2017 MBP. I suppose that the keycap has the diffusor layer what can cause this phenomenon. Am I right? Because in this case the replacement will solve this problem…

Gabor - Réponse

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