If the wireless Bluetooth for the LE1600 does not work, you may need to replace it. This guide will take you through the steps to replace the Bluetooth module for your LE1600.


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  1. Turn the device so the screen is facing down.
    • Turn the device so the screen is facing down.

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  2. Slide the battery lock switch next to the power slider to the unlocked position.
    • Slide the battery lock switch next to the power slider to the unlocked position.

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    • Slide and hold the switch by the fan vent to the unlocked position. Firmly grasp the battery and pull away from tablet.

    • When replacing the battery, place the end near the fan vent in first. Make sure to keep the other switch in the unlocked position while pushing the battery into place.

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    • Unscrew hard drive panel using a Phillips head #1 screwdriver.

    • (Our device was not given to us with a hard drive or a hard drive panel)

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    • Pull clear plastic tab to detach hard drive from tablet.

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    • To disconnect the three white ribbon cables on the side closest to the hard drive connector, pull the white plastic tabs.

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    • Pull the brown tabs to disconnect the white ribbon cable on the other side.

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    • Caution: do not pull on the wires, instead pull from the plastic connectors.

    • To disconnect the remaining ribbon cables, pull the plastic connectors away from their connections.

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    • With a Phillips #1 screwdriver, Unscrew the nine 10mm screws holding the case together.

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    • Using a spudger, press in the five tabs on the side where the battery was.

    • This should separate the two halves of the device. Carefully set the side with the display off to the side.

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    • Locate the Bluetooth board.

    • Disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling on the plastic connector.

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    • Unscrew the 4mm screw holding the board onto the tablet.

    • Lift the board out of the tablet and carefully set it aside.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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