A quick and simple guide for replacing the infrared LED board in the Netgear Arlo security camera.

Remove the 2 (3.5mm) housing screws with a J0 screwdriver.
  • Remove the 2 (3.5mm) housing screws with a J0 screwdriver.

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Slide the unlocked battery cover forward to remove 2 (3.5mm) screws, that are behind the cover.
  • Slide the unlocked battery cover forward to remove 2 (3.5mm) screws, that are behind the cover.

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  • Open the battery cover and remove the 2 (3.5mm") screws from under the cover.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to start separating the plastic housing from the front side of the battery cover.

  • Next, start separating the plastic cover from the rear of the plastic housing, and work your way down the seam line.

  • Make sure the plastics snaps on the front of the plastic get unhooked from the grey plastic ring around the front of the camera.

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  • Remove the screw (3.5mm) near the sync button holding the opposite side of the camera on.

  • Remove the second screw (3.5mm) on the back of the camera to remove the second housing.

  • Once the screws are removed use an opening tool to pry back the second plastic mount.

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  • Remove 4 (6mm) large screws with a J00 screwdriver.

  • There are 2 on each side. This will allow you to remove the clear housing from the white housing.

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  • Once screws are removed, pull apart the clear housing.

  • Remove rod from camera cover.

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  • Remove Large ribbon cable first to disconnect front of camera from main body.

  • Remove 4 (3.5mm) small black screws from motherboard of the camera unit.

  • Remove smaller ribbon cable from underneath yellow tape.

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  • Once all ribbon cables are removed, remove the motherboard and camera assembly by pulling up on the black camera motherboard.

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  • Remove 3 (.150") screws from the sync board using the JIS00 screwdriver.

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  • Use the plastic opening tool to slowly pry the board away from the front housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great tutorial, thanks a lot.

I have a problem with infrared, Netgear isn’t able to help me without seeing the camera.

I would like to ask you….

In the night the red leds light on but you see all black, there is no light entering in the lens system. I think there is a problem in the diaphragm… what do you think?

The first months it works correctly (except once when I see all pink, I fix it restarted the camera).

Thank you!


Matteo Runfola - Réponse

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