1. Using two fingers, push up on the rear cover.
    • Using two fingers, push up on the rear cover.

  2. The rear cover slides up and off.
    • The rear cover slides up and off.

    • Using the plastic opening tools, pry the left bottom corner of the battery up.

    • Pull the battery up and out.

    • Remove the two Torx T5 screws.

    • Remove the one Philips #00 screw.

    • Using the plastic opening tool, pry up the battery housing upwards.

    • Push pry tool down, undoing the plastic tab.

    • Pry the upper left tab open on the battery housing.

    • Pry the top tab of the battery housing.

    • Pry the right side tab of the battery housing.

    • Pull up on the battery housing.

    • Slide the battery housing out to remove it.

    • Using the plastic opening tool, push the blade into the space between the case and lower cover.

    • Turn the opening tool slightly, the lower cover will detach on that side.

    • Repeat on other side of the seam.

    • The lower cover will slide off.

    • Remove the one T5 Torx screw

    • Remove the one #00 Philips screw

    • Lift up the end of the antenna housing and slide it outwards.

    • Using the spudger, pry upwards on the second microphone connector.

    • Pull up on the ribbon cable, the tape will detach from the main board ribbon.

    • Pry the antenna cable up.

    • Carefully pull up on the microphone board to release the tape from the phone.

    • Insert the spudger under the connector.

    • Push the spudger up and twist to release the connector.

    • Repeat for the next connector.

    • Push on the USB port to expose the black connector.

    • Use the spudger to pry the connector upwards.

    • Place the spugder under the antenna connector.

    • Pry connector up vertically.

    • Insert the spudger into tab above the camera.

    • Slide upwards until the board detaches from the case.

    • Press the pointed tip of the spudger into the space below the button assembly.

    • Wiggle the spudger tip towards the outside of the button.

    • The button assembly is under some tension and may fly off.

    • Push the pointed tip of the spudger into the base of the side button board.

    • Lift up, the board will disconnect from the case.

    • Push on the lower motherboard until it slides under the case support.

    • The motherboard assembly comes out as a single piece.

    • Save the small black rubber rectangular sound guide under the motherboard, to replace over the microphone.

    • Remove the three #00 Philips screws from the trackball housing.

    • Using the spudger, pry up the trackball housing to expose the trackball assembly.

    • The trackball pushes out from the outside of the phone.

    • The trackball assembly only mounts a single way. The metal tab under the ball should hinge closest to the bottom of the phone. (RE-EDIT)


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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