Here is a Nokia Lumia 520 with a broken front glass. It is possible to purchase just the glass, but I opted against this. Nokia refers to the front assembly (Glass and Digitizer) as the Touch Window, it is around $10 and it is easy to replace. I previously tried unsuccessfully to separate the digitizer from the glass.

This guide is also applicable to the Nokia 521. The Nokia 521 has a 4th M1.5x3 screw in the lower left corner of the battery compartment, as shown in Step 3.


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  1. The damage to the digitizer is clearly visible. Nokia refers to the glass/digitizer combo as the "touch window"
    • The damage to the digitizer is clearly visible. Nokia refers to the glass/digitizer combo as the "touch window"

    • Turn the phone over,

    • and release the back cover by pushing it off the phone from the top

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  2. With the back cover removed, the battery becomes visible.
    • With the back cover removed, the battery becomes visible.

    • Lift up the battery from the bottom and remove it.

    • Unscrew the five Torx+4 screws.

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    • These five screws are 5mm in length

    • Next remove the three Torx+4 screws

    • Those screws are machine screws M1.5x3

    • The Nokia 521 has a 4th screw in the lower left corner of the battery compartment.

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    • Release the two clips on the bottom of the phone by using a guitar pick or similar opening tool

    • Simply insert the tool in the gap between the case halves and slightly rotate the tool to free the clips.

    • Continue to work the tool all the way round.

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    • The last clip should be on the top of the phone.

    • Once those are released, the case will simply open up. With the cover (Nokia calls it the D-cover) removed, the logic board will be visible.

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    • Remove the digitizer flex cable by using an opening tool, or spudger, from the connector

    • Here is the flex cable removed from the connector

    • Next remove the display flex with an opening tool, or spudger, from the connector.

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    • Display flex removed from the connector

    • Use an opening tool, or a spudger, to remove the logic board from the case. It is simply held in by two clips.

    • Remove the logic board from the front assembly

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    • Use a guitar pick or similar opening tool to unsnap the touch window assembly from the support frame.

    • This will separate the touch window from the rest of the phone.

    The last step is missing. You will have to remove the digitalised from his frame by slightly unstick it all around the frame. Take your time to avoid braking the fragile frame.

    Laurent Foldes - Réponse

    Where can you find a reliable screen? My glass isn't broken, but I can see the cracks underneath. Would this be the same type of replacement as described in this tutorial or something different?

    Nicole - Réponse

    They say to separate the screen from the frame you should try to use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive so it comes apart. If you want to buy a new screen & tools, you can try aliexpres but PLEASE remeber to check the reviews and number of orders... This is the one I'm waiting for :

    ollie - Réponse

    in the step 8:

    you forget to replace the sensors from the old touch screen in upper left part of touch, right to place of vibro-motor...

    auroryus - Réponse

    Don't mean to sound stupid, but I do not know much about this phone. My screen is slightly cracked and it will not respond to touch, is the cracked screen why? I just bought it and screen got cracked before use. I know several people that have cracked screen and they use their phones. Wanted to know before I bought the replacement.

    Barb - Réponse


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I used a t5 screwdriver and it worked perfectly :D

tnx for the guide!!

ivan coene - Réponse

Probably one of the easiest repairs i have ever done, tip pay, an extra few pounds and get the digitizer with the frame.

adrian lunn - Réponse

Hi Adrian, where did you buy the Touch Windows? I asked Nokia but they do not sell it..



Rodolfo Antola -

The last and hardest step is missing---separating the digitizer from the surround. They are glued together and you basically have to destroy the glass to get it off. (See the teardown for details.) Other than that, a great guide, thanks.

joe - Réponse

Well... you're trying to replace the glass in the first place, so it's technically already destroyed.

Also, I broke my Lumia 520 screen and I'm waiting for the replacement screen to arrive. If you use your thumbnail or something very thin but strong, you can separate the glass from the frame without causing more damage to the glass by running it underneath the edges of the glass, all the way around.

Granted, it took a couple of goes to separate them because of the glue, but it did come off without breaking either the frame or the glass.

Choi Nxiella -

It looks very workable, but, like Rodolfo, I can not find where to purchase a new Touch Window.

Patrick Kelly July 1 2014

Patrick Kelly - Réponse

I found a replacement glass for the nokia 520 on ebay. Do you think that will work on the 521 also?

Patrick Kelly - Réponse

Great guide, unfortunately after I replaced the digitizer back into the surround I cracked the top corner whilst clicking it together, so back to ebay it is. :-)

Stu Page - Réponse

Make sure you buy the digitizer and frame at the same time because it is very difficult to remove the digitizer from the frame, it can be done but I damaged the frame slightly.

Phil - Réponse

Worked very well am a 70 year old would have been lost without the guide.

Many thanks

Hugh RAFFERTY - Réponse

Very self explanatory , fixed my daughter's phone in a snap with no problems ..... Woot~Woot !!!..... Thanks....

Christy - Réponse

Yes, T5 is the one for the back screws. As with comments above, this otherwise useful guide doesn't cover removal of old digitizer from the frame. I would say gentle heat from hairdrier, and prise up corner with a thin plastic-edged tool and run down the sides - carefully! Heat as you go until glass is removed. Old glue can be cleaned off with cotton bud and methylated spirits, which usefully doesn't melt or discolour most plastics. Its worth getting the inside edge even to avoid possibility of cracking new glass when pressed into position. The back of the new digitizer has a film that is pulled off to reveal the adhesive edges. Once it's lined up in the frame from the front, I found it useful to press the the frame home laid flat, screen down, on a table and working round the edge.

Stuart Goodall - Réponse

This is a good guide. I would just like to add my tip.

Use a hot air gun to separate the screen from the frame. This heats up the glue and makes separation fairly easy.

Nigel Morgans - Réponse


Link for the manipulation :


Lucas BARRAU - Réponse

Really awesome guide. I appreciate the time you took to take those shots and put it together; it really cuts down on the time (and guesswork) it takes for me to repair something. One thing -- those are Torx T5 screws, not T4. The T4 bit I was using almost stripped the head of one of the tighter screws as I was trying to remove it.

It's pretty amazing how simple the inside of a phone looks these days.

iEvan - Réponse

"The last and hardest step is missing---separating the digitizer from the surround". Joe's comment is true. This step is not there. And in my case, my ebay order did not come with the 'surround'. I had to tear off the old surround and somehow stick into the digitizer. And it worked!

Lijo George - Réponse

I had mine replaced by an Indian guy in a small shop. However the alignment of touch versus icons is a bit out. How is this re-aligned? Software function or what? Maybe 'made in China in a 'ell of a hurry - keep in a cool place' as we used to say in the old days...

aleonmare - Réponse

I dont see any reason to seperate front glass from the digitizer frame. Way too much work for few euros to be saved or what ever your currency is. Also if the front glass is cracked you cant be sure if digitizer works fully or you damge it at trying to remove front glass.

arvid asentaja - Réponse

Hey there, i have a phone like that but the actual phone screen is frozen and a bit cracked... I took off the protector glass to check if anything was wrong with the protector but there was nothing wrong... Is there any possibility that it could get fixed or work again? Just wondering :)

tori banks - Réponse

Great descriptions! Seemed to work for me, used the hair dryer method to extract the glass screen from the frame. Note that the touchscreen did not work correctly until the screws had been replaced. :)

irhunt - Réponse

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