This guide will provide instructions and visuals on how to replace a faulty circuit board.


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    • Remove the batteries.

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    • Using a Torx 5 screwdriver, remove the four screws located on the rear cover of the device by turning counterclockwise. Set aside screws.

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    • Remove rear cover by gently lifting it up from the bottom.

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    • Carefully lift up the circuit board, which will also lift up the screen, so do so carefully to prevent breaking the connectors.

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    • Lift the left side of the circuit board and open it as though it were a book.

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    • Unplug the three connectors located on the right side of the circuit board with great caution and care. Do not pull by the cable and be sure to pull the connector itself gently.

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    • After separating the screen from the board, set aside the faulty circuit board.

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    • Replace with a new circuit board

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    • Plug in the three connectors.

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    • Close again like a book, and lay it gently into the front panel, screen facing outwards of the front panel.

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    • Put the back cover on the device and screw the four screws, screwing in a clockwise direction. Take caution not to over-tighten the screws.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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