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Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset Disassembly

    • First remove the fabric / foam earpad by gently sliding it off and out of the grooves, taking care not to damage. Place it to one side.

    • Only remove one side at a time and do not remove unless you intend to disassemble that side. They are very easy to replace once the earpiece has been disassembled, but very hard to re-attach otherwise.

    • Once the earpads are removed, look for two small rubber bungs at the join between the earpiece and the headband.

    • Remove these bungs with a sharp pointed tool, then unscrew the two phillips screws underneath.

    • There are no more screws visible at this point. You will notice four small rectangular recesses, one near each corner of the earpad carrier. Inside are plastic lugs.

    • Use a slim jewellers flat screwdriver or similar to gently lever the lugs aside, whilst also pulling the earpad carrier away from the earpiece unit. If you do it correctly each corner will release in turn.

    • Place the earpad carrier to one side.

    • You will now see four small phillips screws in the earpiece unit. Removing these will allow easy access to the headphone speaker cavity, with the two speakers and the wires.

    • Remove the headband from the spigot if you need better access

    • One of the speakers is screwed in with two phillips screws - the other is only glued in place, and may have come loose and be rattling inside. It can be glued back in place with superglue.

    • Before re-assembly, be sure to re-attach the earpad foam to the earpad carrier by sliding it in and pulling into place. Trying to do it later will be extremely difficult.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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