Utilisez ce tutoriel pour remplacer le disque dur SATA de votre PlayStation 3 Slim.

Retournez la PS3 et posez-la à l'envers.
  • Retournez la PS3 et posez-la à l'envers.

  • Utilisez le côté plat d'un spudger métallique pour soulever la trappe d'accès sur le cache inférieur du côté avant de la PS3.

  • Retirez la vis cruciforme bleue cachée derrière la trappe d'accès.

The access door is self-retaining and hinged on the left side. Use the spudger to pop up the door a bit, then rotate the door out of the way.

Colin King - Réponse

Faites glisser le cache de la baie du disque dur vers le côté droit du boîtier inférieur, puis retirez-le du bord avant pour l'enlever de la PS3.
  • Faites glisser le cache de la baie du disque dur vers le côté droit du boîtier inférieur, puis retirez-le du bord avant pour l'enlever de la PS3.

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  • En utilisant la poignée métallique, retirez le disque dur de sa baie.

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  • Retirez les quatre vis cruciformes de 4,3 mm qui fixent le disque dur à son support.

Just make sure you have the right screwdriver for the job - Due to over tight screws it is easy to make the screws be not able to unscrew.

Martin Hooper - Réponse

so, if i change the hdd, what about the ps3 OS? is installed in some sort of rom?

Thomas -

Thomas - The OS gets re-installed when you power up for the first time with the new hard drive installed - It was a while back now when I did mine - You either get the PS3 to download it automatically or you can put the file you download from on a memory stick and point the installer at that.

Martin Hooper -

Swiss army knife with a phillips attachment worked perfectly. The cross handle undid in about half a second per screw what I couldn't undo for 10 min with a small electronics screw driver :/

Cameron Collet - Réponse

I did not get an option to download, so had to use a memory stick.

Once you download the PS3UPDAT.PUP file from sony you need to put it on a FAT-32 formatted memory stick in the folder /PS3/UPDATE/

Cristopher - Réponse

  • Séparez le disque dur de son support.

Excelente amigo

Juan - Réponse


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would it be possible to replace it with an ssd?

Cian - Réponse

Yes. Done it already.

joachimmoeller -

Can you please tell me playstation 3 super slim model cech-4304a wich type of single lens got? I want to change it and it does not write something like kem or kes..

Tom kan - Réponse

Забыли написать про процедуру скачивания и установки самой системы на новый жесткий диск:

You forgot write about downloading last firmware from sony’s website and transferig it to PS3 on USB Stick:

sayoiam - Réponse

The blue Phillips screw that allows me to access the hard drive way is so incredibly tight that it's, for me, impossible to remove. Do you have any suggestions?

Jordan Schivek - Réponse

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