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  1. Lay the motherboard flat on the table, as shown.
    • Lay the motherboard flat on the table, as shown.

    • On the chassis, make sure that the green antenna wire is in its slot, and that the touchscreen ribbon cable is properly positioned.

    • Lay the opened chassis on a table near the motherboard and gently separate the upper and lower motherboard ribbon connectors.

    • Still holding them separated, slide the motherboard into that separation, so that only one ribbon connector is above the motherboard, and the 2 plastic pins are resting in their holes.

    • Now you can grasp the uppermost ribbon connector gently with tweezers, and guide it into its socket without having to also wrestle the motherboard and the chassis.


Proceed with reassembly of your 3DS XL.

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Dan, I recently replaced the rubber ABXY pad (user reported XY did not function but the unit otherwise worked fine. Though I thought I was careful during reassembly, it seems I was not: the unit, when turned one ahs the blue LED power light on for a few secs then goes out with the unit not powering up. The is my first 3DS repair so I do not have a huge amount of practical experience here. Are there any common ‘gotchas’ when doing 3DS disassembly ?

Michael Jergens - Réponse

I just did the one repair, and managed to recover from one error (a problem with the gold Kapton insulating film on the LCD, I think). I didn’t encounter your problem. Check all the ribbon cable connections and scrutinize your mechanical alignments around the ABXY pad.

And remember to take a break. Maybe sleep on it. We’re all better after we have had some rest. Sorry I can’t help more.

Dan - Réponse

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