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Pièces de remplacement Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Beaucoup d'outils ainsi que beaucoup d'étapes sont nécessaires pour remplacer l'écran LCD d'un smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Cette vidéo vous montre la manière la plus simple de procéder au remplacement.


Pour réassembler votre appareil, suivez les étapes dans le sens inverse.

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After replacing LCD my phone showing message that “Battery temperature too low“ and pause charging. There are some video showing install wireless charging module after replacing LCD would solve this issue but for me it still not charging even with wireless charging module on. Any suggestion?

samion 2048 - Réponse

samion 2048, This is because the device was turned on before attaching the wireless charging coil. The coil houses the ambient temperature sensor.

Brandon Tuey -

once you replace the front screen is the phone still water resistant?

Kaden Guanga - Réponse

It will be water resistant if you reapply the nescassery adhesives.

Alexander Wiand -

I replaced my display with a another display with mid frame attatched already.all i did was change over my mother board,charging port and such and now if i power the phone on i feel it vibrate and see a blue led light up but that is all it does.screen is black and i can feel the vibration feedback if i touch the screen but nothing shows.going out of my mind trying to figure out what went wrong.

George Collins - Réponse

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